Cylinders & Actuators

SKEANS offers numerous air, hydraulic, and rodless cylinders & Actuators from industry leading suppliers.

Pneumatic Cylinders & Actuators provide high force and speed at low unit cost in a small footprint. As a matter of fact, pneumatic cylinders provide more force and speed per unit size than any other actuator technology except hydraulic. Force and speed on pneumatic actuators are easily adjustable and are independent of each other.

Brands we Carry:

The SKEANS/NOPAK SG Series air cylinders were jointly developed back in the 1970s, having been designed with input from customers throughout Western Canada who are working in the rugged resource industry. It incorporates double rod bearings, a bolt-on gland ring, and a clevis jam nut, along with optional piston rod, clevis pin, and trunnion horn sizes to make it easy to optimize the cylinder for your application. If you need higher speeds and consistent operation, many of our clients trust the heavy-duty SG Series to get the job done, complete with low friction seals and pre-lubricated wear rings.

See our options list to choose the design best suited to help you maximize your production. If you need a custom design, our SKEANS service department is always on-hand to assist you in designing or modifying a cylinder for the solution you need.