Robotic Tooling

Robotic Tooling applications are significantly changing production by automating the dull, dirty, and dangerous. By 2025 it’s estimated that there will be a global shortage of 400,000 skilled and qualified workers. Collaborative Robots are helping fill some of these skilled Industry positions lacking manpower. Robots are game changers in today’s industrial world, and SKEANS is proud to be Western Canada’s Universal Robots distributor. UR Robots can be used with either Pneumatic or Electronic end of arm tooling: grippers, force torque sensors, cameras, and lights. Cable wraps and Suits further protect your investment where environment is a concern.

We also have modular equipment for your Robot Cell (or ANY application). We can support you with customizable pedestals and workstations for machine tending, bin picking and assembly that are compatible with UR Robots, and available with lockable castor, leveling castor, and floor anchor. Most of these products are also compatible with many other cobots and small to medium sized industrial robots.


Brands we carry: