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Industrial Air Dryers

When air is compressed, friction causes the actual air temperature to rise, greatly increasing its ability to hold moisture. At 100 PSIG the quantity of moisture commonly held in eight cubic feet of air is reduced in an area 1/8 its original size. The result of compression is hot, wet, dirty air it is essential to treat processed air before it can do any damage. By drying and filtering compressed air, operation efficiency can be maximized, and equipment productivity and longevity greatly increased. A properly designed air system will pay for itself.

SKEANS stocks refrigerated air dryers in BC, AB & SK, typically 10 – 50 CFM range are always in stock, 75 – 100 may also be occasionally on hand . We have access to Desiccant dryers sized as small as point of use, to large scale Twin Tower Blower Purge Dryers for large production facilities.


Chilled water is used in a wide range of applications to cool or cure anything from plastic injection molded parts to food ingredients.  Oftentimes, production quality can be increased and time decreased through use of closed loop cooling systems.

The advanced nano C1 industrial process water chillers benefit from the experience of a design that has been perfected over 50 years and repeatedly proven through tens of thousands of units in operation around the world. Designed together with industrial users, these process water chillers have stood the test of time in virtually every industry and application.

nano’s C1 industrial process water chiller operates in a closed circuit (open circuit optional), offering precise water temperature control and rapid response to changes in ambient and thermal load. This design also eliminates the waste, corrosion and bacterial growth associated with open circuit systems.

In addition, energy efficient and reliable compressors combined with a unique, oversized, patented, NO FROST in-tank evaporator provide the lowest operating costs available on the market today.

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