Oil Analysis, Dew-Point, And Desiccant Testing

Oil Analysis

SKEANS is proud to offer FREE oil analysis and testing when you’re purchasing your oil through us. This oil analysis can tell us a lot about what’s currently happening in your equipment and can be a great preventative measure to ensure you don’t suffer any unscheduled downtime. We provide you with sample bottles and labelling instructions, and all you need to do is take the samples. We have oil analysis packages available for all other equipment oil types (Changes may apply).

Dew Point Testing

We provide onsite dew point testing allowing us to provide the most accurate reading possible. With dew point testing, you can find out what your equipment’s current dew point is and how to improve it for better equipment operation.

Dew Point Testing

Free desiccant testing is available. Our SKEANS Service Technicians will provide bottles and instructions to gather the samples, then return them to us and they will be sent out for analysis. Once the lab determines if there is any oil contamination and what your desiccant’s current adsorption capability is, a detailed report will be provided, and our knowledgeable service team will offer any recommendations. For a more immediate test result, you can also schedule to have one of our technicians come out to the site with our dew point meter and monitor your compressed air. SKEANS carries affordable desiccant options with a large inventory, always ready to ship the next day.

Remember it’s important to have your oil, dew point, and desiccant tested in order to make an educated decision. These simple tests can prevent days of downtime and lost profits. If you’d like to complete any of these tests, please fill out our Request for Service form or give us a call.