Panels, Manifolds, And Enclosures

Pneumatic Panels, Custom Enclosures and Manifolds by SKEANS. Our Value-Added & Repair department can provide stand-alone electric and pneumatic solutions employing the latest controls and valves. With their intricate knowledge of industrial electric and pneumatic solutions, our team ensures that your design, components, and programming are smoothly integrated.

We can design, assemble, and pre-test your complete electric pneumatic package just as we can with non-electrical control packages. With our experience, assembly facilities, and inventory, your savings will be realized immediately through reduced labour and production costs. We will assemble and design custom automation panels, manifolds, and enclosures to meet your needs. 

As a pneumatic and electric automation distributor, and a cylinder manufacturer with a complete machine shop (Coquitlam, BC location), we have the expertise and skills to design and supply custom manifolds. These designs have proven more cost-effective, reliable, and compact than their plumbed alternatives. 

If you would like to learn more about our custom panels, manifolds, and enclosures, please fill out our Request for Service form or give us a call.