Actuators And Cylinder Repairs

Our SKEANS Value-Added & Repair department can service all repairable actuators and cylinders in a timely and professional manner, and it’s important to us that we accommodate your busy schedule. With our full-service machine shop at our Coquitlam, BC location, we can do rebuilds for all of the pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders we sell, and many that our competitors do as well. Bimba, TRD, Nopak, and Tolomatic are just some of the brands we can repair and service. Even those components with old obsolete parts that are impossible to get, can be manufactured and repaired in our shop, when economical.

If you would like to have some of your electric or pneumatic components brought in for repairs, please fill out our Request for Service form or give us a call. We will assure your downtime, operating costs, and possible rental fees are kept as low as possible.