Mac Valves’ New Hazardous Locations Valve

Mac Valves' New Hazardous Locations Valve

Mac Valves’ innovative Hazardous locations valve, for use in those dangerous and explosive environments. Only available at your exclusive western Canada distributor. 

Mac Hazardous Locations Valve Approvals

We strive to bring you innovative technology for your industry, and with Mac Valves’ new hazardous locations valve, we can do just that. With a comprehensive range of approvals from NEC and CEC, you can be sure that your valves will stand up to the challenge.

MAC’s extensive line of valves approved for Hazardous Locations is distinguished by its industry leading technology and legendary reliability. Available in 2-way, 3-way and 4-way configurations, with flows up to 175Cv and having globally recognized approvals, MAC has a valve solution that will bring value to your application.

Their new hazardous location valves are compatible with the extensive line of industry-leading products from Mac Valves. The hazardous locations Valve’s are D-Coil compatible, making them useful in a vast majority of solutions.

D-coil compatibility

  • Small 3-way series: 35A series
  • Large 3-way series: 52A series, 53A series, 54A series, 67A series
  • Small 4-way series: 45A series, 400A series
  • Large 4-way series: 92B series, 93A series
  • Pulse Valve series: PVO3B, PV06B, PV09B, PV12A
  • ISO 2 & 3 Valve series: MV-X1A, MV-X2A, MV-X3A
  • ISO 1 requires additional modifications. Contact your account manager for details.


With various certifications in Gas/Vapour and Dust, you can be sure these valves will stand up to the elements. 

ATEX is a European Union directive from the European Committee for Standardization that covers “equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.” An atmosphere can be explosive for several reasons, including flammable gases, mists or vapours, or combustible dust.

The IECEx is a global certification scheme for Ex equipment based on the International Electrotechnical Commission’s International Standards. Ex equipment is equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres such as petrol stations, oil refineries, oil tankers and sugar refineries.

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