Enidine Incorporated has the widest selection of industrial shock absorbers and rate control products in the industry. With nearly 450 standard products to choose from and unlimited custom possibilities, their products decelerate velocity up to 700 inches per second and absorb energy between one and eight million inch pounds per cycle.


Industrial Air Shocks

Industrial Air Shocks

OEM Shock Absorbers offer great performance and low maintenance. With the OEM shocks a simple turn of an adjustment knob, and the damping force can be changed to accommodate a wide range of conditions. The PLATINUM Series adjustable shock absorber is a perfect solution to a diverse array of energy absorption applications when input parameters vary or are not clearly defined

Skeans stocks standard sizes of OEM products

  • Adjustable design
  • Internal orifice provides efficient deceleration
  • Corrosion resistant
  • mounting flexibility excellent heat dissipation
  • operating temperature range (15°F to 180°F) to (–30°F to 210°F)
  • Non-adjustable units can be engineered to application

Air Springs

Industrial Air Springs

Industrial Air Springs YI Series

Enidine Air Springs (also often refered to as Air Bags or Flex Members) are highly durable, precisely engineered and cost-effective for use in a wide variety of actuation and vibration isolation applications. Designs incorporate fabric-reinforced Wingprene or natural rubber flex member construction and corrosion protected end retainers. Enidine Air Springs offer superior quality and performance in either linear or angular motions.

These air springs offer a favorable stroke-to-compressed-height ratio when compared to air cylinders, and can accept a wide variety of actuation media such as air, water, nitrogen or anti-freeze. As an isolator, ITT Enidine Inc. Air Springs are effective in reducing the harmful effects of vibration. They can simultaneously isolate vibration and regulate load height, as well as allow for consistent vibration isolation under varying loads.

  • Forged Steel End Retainers
  • Environmental Considerations
  • Cast Zinc Alloy/Cast Aluminum mounting plates
  • Longer Service Life

Wire Rope Isolation

Wire Rope Isolation

Wire Rope Isolation WR Series

The unique Enidine Wire Rope isolator is comprised of stainless steel stranded cables, threaded through aluminum alloy retaining bars, crimped and mounted for effective vibration isolation. Corrosion resistant all metal construction ensures long life, environmentally stable, high performance shock absorption in extreme conditions such as chemical, temperature, oil, abrasive, and ozone applications. Available from very small to very large they are versatile for any application

  • Ideal for sensitive equipment
  • Shock/Vibration control up to 100,000 lbs
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Versatile Mounting Options
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • -150°F - 500°F Temp range