Service - Pneumatic and Electric

Like our compressor Service Department, our Pneumatic and Electric divisions also offer service for your cylinders, valves, and various other pneumatic and electric components.

Valve Repairs

Our factory trained technicians offer repairs to all brands of pneumatic components. Either "walk-in" or send your repair items for an estimate or immediate repair. If you are in a breakdown situation depending on the component we can offer 24 hr sudden service to repair (additional charges may apply).

Actuator/Cylinder Repairs

We have a full machine shop to rebuild all makes of pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders. Even 'obsolete' parts can be manufactured in our shop for cost saving repairs or emergency turnaround.

Trouble Shooting

Our technicians or sales support staff can visit your facility to help diagnose a "failed" circuit or component failure.

Contract Service

Always have a 'spare' ready to go. Avoid downtime! Call SKEANS to set up an on going repair or exchange program unique to your needs.

Key Contacts

Carlos Moller - Value Added / Technical Sales
Tony Dutra - Value Added / Shop Technician
Call your nearest SKEANS branch for installation advice or immediate repair service.