PHD Clamps & Grippers are exceptional for a wide range of 'work holding'. These simple design, long life and often field repairable clamps are ideal for any holding process in your facility. The following are only a few examples of the many styles of PHD clamps available, please visit their website for more information and video's of these clamps at work.

Sheet Metal

PHD Clamps

PHD Clamps GRM Series

PHD offers the GRM Series clamps that are designed specifically for handling sheet metal in stamping/fabricating press applications. A compact size makes the Series GRM Clamp ideal for applications in confined work areas.

  • Simple Design
  • Long Life
  • High Clamp Force
  • Six Modular Designed Jaw Tips Available

Swing Arm

PHD PB Series Swing Arm Clamps

PHD PB Series Swing Arm Clamps

offers the PB Series Swing Arm Clamps are ideal for a wide range of work holding applications including welding environments, and are available in one working day from receipt of order. Four bore sizes with short or long strokes are available to accommodate a wide variety of tasks. Left and right rotations are available and can be ordered to fit the application

  • Simple Design
  • Long Life
  • Compact Size
  • Available in four sizes

Automated Stopping

Automated Stopping, Positioning, and Lifting

Automated Stopping, Positioning, and Lifting PHD PDG Series Automated Stopping Clamp, PDK Positioning Clamp, PLL Lifting Clamp

PHD offers the PDG Series Automated Stopping Clamps that feature a simple, compact design and is ideal for stopping and positioning sheet metal panels or other parts. The unit's compact design allows it to fit inside a progressive die where it will retract or "disappear" from the work area as panels move to the next stage of processing

  • Simple Design
  • Long Life
  • 24 hr delivery
  • Compact Design
  • Low cost of ownership


PHD Gripper

PHD Gripper

PHD manufactures Grippers for internal and external gripping uses with various jaw styles to adapt to any application. Ranging from high precision miniature sizes to heavy duty models capable of more than 1600 pounds of grip force. PHD offer angular grippers than open at an angle and parallel grippers that open directly apart. Pneumatic and Electronic grippers with a wide assortment of accessories. PHD offers flexibility to best utilize the best end effector for pick and place, industrial assembly and end of arm tooling for Robotic automation.

Ask SKEANS to see a live demo of our new Pneu-Connect GRH12-5 Gripper used with a UR3 Robot

  • Cost effective Pneumatic integration
  • Requires customer supplied tooling
  • Incorporated to MAC Valves
  • Connect kits include gripper mounting plate 2 intgrated switches for sensing


Alwitco Mufflers Air Exhaust, relief, dryer, vacuum pump

Alwitco Mufflers high pressure, steam, thru-flow

Beginning in the late 1940s with a focus on air-operated equipment, Atomuffler® and then Bantam® mufflers have been setting industry standards in sound control applications all over the world. Both are specified in a wide range of industrial applications where efficiency, dependability and performance are critical. In addition to having superior sound silencing properties, they are also valuable air diffusers that are unsurpassed in the muffler field. Air diffusion positively prevents troublesome air flow and dangerous after-blasts.
Noise Information – How much noise is too much?

Noise levels in the upper 70 decibel (dB) range are annoying to some people.
Exposure to levels above 80 dB for 8 hours may cause hearing damage, while exposure to levels above 90 dB for the same amount of time is likely to cause hearing damage.
When noise levels are above 100 dB for 8 hours, serious hearing damage is possible.
120 dB is considered the human threshold for pain, and eardrum rupture can occur at 150 dB.

Damage caused by noise goes beyond just hearing loss. Recent studies have shown that sustained exposure to high levels of noise can cause stress, hypertension, and even cardiovascular problems.

  • Compact, durable
  • Corrosion resistant construction
  • 10-32 to 2" connection size available
  • Suitable for continuous heavy duty application
  • Male NPT, BSPT or Female NPS pipe thread
  • Porous metal filters are suitable for air, other gases and even liquids