Filters, Lubricators and Regulators are integral to the success of keeping your air tools and systems in running order. With so many brands at our disposal Skeans can offer various options to our customers for their FRL needs.


Skeans carries Wilkerson, Monnier, and Gardner Denver for all your filter needs.

Wilkerson Filter Products

Wilkerson Filter Products

Wilkerson offers a variety of filters along with the FRL combinations including Particulate Filters, Coalescing Filters, Afterfilters, and Filter/Regulator combinations. Wilkerson has designed and developed a brand new series of filters to service demanding compressed air applications. This filter series expands the choices in medium to high flow applications by offering pipe connections between 1-1/2" to 3"

  • 1/8” – 3” Port Sizes
  • 5 Micron Filtration Standard
  • 20 – 2900 SCFM
  • 0 -150 PSI standard, available to 300 PSI

Monnier Air Line & Coalescing Filters

Monnier Air Line & Coalescing Filters

MONNIER wide range of unique filters include miniature filters, compact filters, standard filters, heavy duty filters, Oil Barrier Air Line filters, Pneumatic Air/Oil Filters, and Oil Coalescing Filters along with numerous accessories and FRL combinations.

Annodization is standard black, but custom annodization in several colours is available and they can even etch on your companies logo for your OEM application. Minimum quanitity and nominal fees apply.

  • 1/8”– 1” NPT
  • Stronger & Lighter Metal Bowls
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Aluminum Barstock Bodies
  • Custom Anodized Colors

Monnier SS Filter 316SS Filter Series

Monnier SS Filter 204-3200 Series

Monnier now offers a line of miniature particulate and coalescing filters in 316SS. Designed to withstand caustic solutions, harsh operating conditions and other demanding applications, The Monnier Stainless Line is ideal for Food preparation and packaging, pharmaceutical, natural gas, offshore and waste-water treatment

  • 316SS all metal components
  • Flexibily of all standard aluminum options available in SS
  • NACE compliant MR0175 standard

Xebec Filters

Xebec Filters

Xebec has been providing superior filtration solutions for over 40 years. Xebec's strength was designing cost-effective solutions tailored to the specific needs of air dryers.

Xebec filters include Engineered Flanged Filters, Water Separators, and numerous filter accessories. Today SKEANS offers the largest selection of Xebec filter elements in Western Canada

Gardner Denver Filters

Gardner Denver Filters FIL, FME, FHP, FSG & 50HZ Series

Gardner Denver filters provide your compressed air system with premium quality filtration for the major contaminant types. These filters offer innovative designs for all applications. Specifically flanged in-line filtration and dryer pre/after filter applications. Skeans carries several of the FIL filters in stock for use with our GD Dryers


Skeans carries a wide range of regulators from Wilkerson, Monnier, and MAC.

Wilkerson Regulators

Wilkerson Regulators Wilkerson Regulators

Along with carrying combination FRL packages, Wilkerson also offers a wide range of individual regulators including standard, air pilot, common p1, dial air, precision, and high precision regulators. These regulators offer high performance, compact sizing, and have an extended service live while being easily serviced.

  • 1/8” – 2” NPT
  • 10 – 1200 SCFM

Toolreg In-Line Preset Regulator

Toolreg In-Line Preset Regulator

This innovative and rather unique In-Line regulator ensures a constant pressure is always maintained, despite normal pressure fluctuations in a compressed air system. Mounted directly on the pneumatic tool of choice, this regulator will ensure correct pressure so that potential pressure drops in hoses (or tubes) does not influence the pressure on the tool itself.

When used in a 'blow down' application, this regulator ensures the operator doesn't waste excess air pressure by blowing down at full compressor flow (ie 100PSIG), and in the cases where a low pressure is necessary to avoid damage to surrounding areas and ensure safe operation, this regulator controls flow at the preset pressure. Lowering operational costs for the compressor equipment and ensuring a safe work environment.

Residual pressure in the tool is relieved when it is removed from the compressed air supply line, preventing unintentional actuation of the tool.

  • Compressed Air and Neutral gases
  • Lightweight Aluminum Housing
  • SS & Brass Internals
  • 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 & 3/4 sizes
  • Preset PSI ranges from 30 - 120 PSIG
  • -32°F - 176°F temp range

Monnier Regulators

Monnier Regulators

Monnier designs a wide variety of fluid-air regulators to help provide constant airline pressure solutions. They carry integral filter regulators, miniature regulators, subminiature regulators, manifold regulators, regulators with built-in check valves, label regulators, and pilot operated pressure regulators

  • Solid Aluminum Bodies
  • 1/8” – 1½ “ NPT

Monnier SS Regulator 316SS Regulator

Monnier SS Regulator 101S & B01S Series

Like the Filters above, Monnier has a 316SS Regulator to go with their Filters. These regulators are available with stainless steel or acetal bonnet and locking ring. Diaphragm designed for greater accuracy, responsiveness and repeatability. Fluorocarbon seals, relieving and non-relieving, and the relieving bonnet is designed without relief hole for greater protection in harsh environments.

  • NACE MR0175 Compliant
  • .3 micron element std
  • All SS construction
  • .01 micron element available

MAC Pressure Regulators

MAC Pressure Regulators PR Series

MAC carries a variety of pressure regulators with manual adjustable knobs. All MAC ‘Sandwich’ pressure regulators are easily mountable, compact, high flowing, with simple, solid, and reliable designs.

To learn more about specific MAC pressure regulators please call Skeans or visit MAC’s website

  • Available on most base mounted MAC air valves
  • Compressed air and inert gases
  • Up to 120 PSI
  • Long Service Life
  • Reduce piping, save energy


Skeans carries Wilkerson and Monnier Lubricators for all your FRL combination solutions.

Wilkerson Lubricators

Wilkerson Lubricators

Wilkerson not only offers FRL combination packages, but they also offer a wide variety of individual lubricators to help introduce airline oil into your compressed air systems. These lubricators feature proportional oil delivery over a wide range of airflows, precision needle valve assurance, simple adjustment of delivery rates, and long service lives

  • 1/8” – 2” NPT
  • 20 – 1200 SCFM

Monnier Lubricators

Monnier Lubricators

Monnier lubricators are used to maintain the proper ratio of oil and air and to maximize the performance and guarantee long life of pneumatic machinery. Once the oil rate is set, a Monnier Lubricator provides reliable automatic lubrication The Monnier design ensures efficient and dependable performance. Monnier’s variety of lubricators includes miniature lubricators, compact lubricators, standard lubricators, threaded bowl lubricators, and heavy-duty lubricators

  • Solid Aluminum Bodies
  • 20 – 1200 SCFM

Drains & Accessories

Wilkerson Corporation offers a complete line of innovative air preparation products with features and operational characteristics that meet customer expectations. With the standard FRL's, Wilkerson also manufactures Coalescers, Drains, Gauges, Shut-off Valves, Lock-out Valves and more.

Wilkerson Drains & Accessories

Wilkerson Drains & Accessories

Wilkerson drains are designed to remove liquid oil and water contaminants from compressed air systems automatically. The XB3 series also includes a manual override for situations that require an operator to provide drainage at times when the automatic drainage is not desirable. Wilkerson Gauges are available from stock for a range of pressures and configurations

Gardner Denver Timer Drains

Gardner Denver Timer Drains

Most problems that occur in compressed air systems can be attributed to missing or faulty condensate drains. While it is probably the least expensive component in the system, a faulty condensate drain can render more expensive equipment useless. Gardner Denver drains offer superior reliability because they are designed with a full-port discharge orifice and solid-state timers. They are also programmable, meaning that the end user can select the frequency and duration of blowdown to help assure the most efficient operation.

Skeans stock electronic timer drains and zero loss drains

  • 1/4" - 1/2" port size
  • Test Mode
  • Nema 12 rust proof enclosure
  • 115V 5 Valve Capacity (Multi-Port)
  • Single point power cord

Zander Zero Loss Drain

Zander Zero Loss Drain ED Series

Removal of condensate from separation, filtration and dryer packages is simply a case of using a drain valve, however most are purchased on their initial price only, with little thought to their maintenance and running costs. The hidden cost with the most common drain types, lies within their operation, that is they discharge expensive compressed air.

Parker ZANDER ecodrain ED Series zero air loss electronic condensate drains detect and discharge only when condensate is present. With no mechanical sensor parts and a sensing system that works with all types of compressed air condensate, including aggressive oil-free, the intelligent operation always ensures no loss of valuable compressed air. The Ecodrain ED Series condensate drains are reliable, easy to install, cost effective solutions for condensate removal, with a model to suit every system or application

  • 13 - 648 SCFM
  • Non-wearing magnetic core level control
  • 35 - 140°F Ambient Temp
  • Max 725 PSIG
  • Powder coat inside & out