A staple of any pneumatic application is tubing, hose and quick connectors, to direct and redirect your air to where you need it. Skeans carries all the obvious accessories as well as some innovative and industry specific ones. The following is only a sample of our product breadth.

Push In Fittings

Skeans carries Push In Fittings from Legris, Colder, and Camozzi.

Legris Push to Connect Fittings

Legris Push to Connect Fittings Instant Fittings, Function Fittings, NPTF, Metric

Legris offers over 12 000 products including, fittings, valves and accessories designed for a wide variety of industrial applications. The 'Connectic' line is designed for pneumatic equipment, such as bagging and assembling machines, but is versatile for almost any application. Additionally Legris 'push to connect' solutions not only save a lot of time for the user but also are completely reliable offering the innovative concept of the quick connector.

At Skeans we have a large inventory of Legris fittings in stock at all our Divisions. Our key stocking components are polymer accessories, quick connectors, flow controls and some nickel-plated brass components. We are also now stocking BSPP and metric fittings

  • Up to 435 psi
  • Temperature range of -4°F to +302°F
  • Compatible with all types of calibrated tubing

Camozzi NPTF Push In Fittings

Camozzi NPTF Push In Fittings Nickel-Plated Brass, NPTF, Metric

Camozzi’s all metal fittings are 100% electro less nickel-plated brass. Full ID tube flow is always maintained for maximum Cv ratings and quick cycle times. “Push-in” and lock the tube quickly and effortlessly. The Pro-Fit thread design allows assembly with all female thread NPT forms. Connection and disconnection of this type of fitting can be repeated several times and can be performed using one hand and without the use of tools

  • Reusable thread seal
  • Pro-Fit design
  • PTFR Seal Ring

Quick Couplings

Skeans offers a wide range of Quick Couplings & accessories from Hansen (Eaton) and Colder.

Colder Quick Couplings For more information about specific products please call Skeans or visit the Colder Products Canada Website

Colder Quick Couplings

Colder offers a complete selection of Subminiature, Plastic, General Purpose Metal, High Capacity, Universal Dispensing, Semiconductor and Chemical Fluid Couplings. Colder provides standard and custom products for usages in innovative industries such as Industrial, Medical, and Chemical Handling and for the Food & Beverage. These include plastic; chrome plated brass, polypropylene, and acetal

Eaton Quick Couplings For more information on specific models, please call Skeans or visit the Hansen/Eaton website

Eaton Quick Couplings

As the manufacturer of Hansen Couplings, the innovator of the quick coupling, and Coupleurs Gromelle, with its wide range of European style couplings, Eaton Coupling Group offers the broadest range of quick coupling lines in the industry. By adding our Quick Seal leak testing connectors to our product lines we have rounded out our offerings to handle all of your coupling needs.

Their quick couplings are available in over 6,000 configurations. They are available in brass, stainless steel, steel, plastic, and in a wide range of sizes. Hansen/Eaton provides quick couplings to meet the needs of every industry including fluid couplings, gas couplings, hydraulic couplings, and pneumatic couplings.


Straight tubing products are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours for any application. Skeans carries tubing and hose products and accessories from Freelin Wade and other suppliers.

Freelin Wade Tubing & Hose Products

Freelin Wade Tubing & Hose Products

Freelin Wade offers Straight Tubing, Hose Products, Multi-bore Polyurethane, Jacketed & Custom Bundles, Multi-Color Ribbon, Weld Spatter Resistant, Static Dissipative, Coiled Hose and all the accessories. Also, the tubing is available in almost every color. Choose from the four most popular compositions Polyurethane, Nylon, PVC (Vinyl) and Polyethylene. Also available by special request Kynar, FEP, Polypropylene, Static Dissipative Polyurethane and many other specialized compounds

If they don't have it, they can make it!

  • Small diameter less than 1" OD
  • 28 stock colours available (from factory)
  • Heat resistance – up to 400°F

Coil Hose

Coil & Reoil hoses are ideal for point of use applications where it would be dangerous or unsuitable to use a long straight Tube product. Skeans offers Freelin Wade and Nycoil for all your coil hose needs.

Freelin Wade Coiled Tubing & Hose For specific Freelin Wade hose and coil types please call Skeans or visit the Freelin Wade website

Freelin Wade Coiled Tubing & Hose

In addition to the famous Flexeel brand hoses, Freelin Wade offers a variety of coiled and non-coiled tubing and flexible hose. The polyurethane Flexcoil is the original tangle free-coiled hose. The standard Flexcoil comes with reusable fittings, with the option of having strain relief. The Free-Thane coils are similar to Flexcoil, but without the fittings. They also stock the Nylon 11 coils in a mini size, single tube and twin tube.

Ask Skeans about the coiling variations. Freelin Wade has developed their own coiling technology that enables them to easily position tails in any length, and point them in any direction. The right tails mean that the coiled tubing and hoses are easier to use, cause less user fatigue and save wear-and-tear on your tools

  • PU Flexcoil® is the original tangle free coiled hose
  • Fre-Thane® coils are similar to Flexcoil, but without the fittings
  • Flexcoil comes with reusable fittings
  • Customizable tails in any length, pointed in any direction

Nycoil Mini-Coils & Super-Coils To view individual Nycoil products or to view Nycoil’s online coil catalogue, please visit their website

Nycoil Mini-Coils & Super-Coils

Nycoil’s tight diameter of their Mini-Coils make them extremely flexible and ideal for use with robotics, instrumentation, small pneumatic tools, control circuits or any other application requiring either constant or intermittent motion. They are available in Nylon (higher pressure rating and heat resistance) or Polyurethane (more flexibility) and include a pigtail on each end for easy fitting installation or connection to other devices.

Nycoil’s Super-Coil & Super-Braid Self-Storing Air Hoses are ideal for applications where kink and abrasion resistance are important considerations. Polyurethane's extreme flexibility and lightweight combine to minimize user fatigue while its toughness and long lasting durability allow it to withstand rough handling. Nycoil’s state-of-the-art spring like strain relief fitting system further enhances both the performance and appearance of this high quality hose assembly

  • 1/8 - 3/8" OD
  • Available in 5 - 9 colours dependant on size
  • 1/16 - 1/4" ID
  • 6" tails both ends (std)


Plastic couplings are light weight versitle options to any quick coupling application. Skeans offers Colder Products for all you plastic couplings and fittings needs.

Plastic Connectors To learn more about Colder’s Plastic products please call Skeans or visit Colder’s website

Plastic Connectors

Colder’s plastic quick disconnect couplings can be found in a wide range of general purpose, medical, bioprocessing and chemical management applications. Couplings, fittings and connectors are available in ABS, acetal, polycarbonate, polypropylene, polysulfone, PTFE and PVDF. Additional materials are available for custom projects

  • BSPT, NPT, PTF & Hose Barb available
  • Suitable for high and low temperatures
  • Various pressure ranges available including vacuum
  • Ergonomic