Skeans has aligned with Omron, the leading industrial electronic automation solution provider. Omron is a worldwide name in Industrial Automation and we are excited to be able to provide our customers with these leading edge products. Below are just a few options, please contact our offices for application specific design options

Machine Automation Controllers

Omron Machine Automation Controllers Sysmac NJ Machine Automation Controller

Omron Machine Automation Controllers NJ series

Complete machine control though one connection and one software is the definition of the new Sysmac machine control. This controller integrates logic, motion, vision and networks using Sysmac studio software. This single automation software suite integrates configuration, programming, simulation and monitoring of the Sysmac NJ, as well as the EthercCAT machine network to control motion, vision, sensor and actuators.

  • Real-Time OS
  • One controller, one software, one connection
  • Logic & Motion simulation
  • Leading class industrial grade compact design


Programmable Logic Controllers Compact, Modular or Rack

Programmable Logic Controllers PLC Series

Offering smart remote I/Os, compact CP1 PLC, high-performance modular CJ2, and the backplane based CS1 series for large applications; these control systems are designed for high processing speed and full transparency. They provide seamless data exchange inside your machine and across the whole plant. All Omron PLCs are programmed and commissioned via CX-Programmer, a part of Omron's CX-One automation suite

  • I/O points ranging from 106 to 5120
  • Serial, DeviceNet, CompoBus/S
  • Data memory range 2K - 832K words
  • Execution time from .016 to 1.19
  • PROFIBUS-DP, Controller Link, EtherNet/IP
  • Program memory range 2K - 400K words

Integrated Safety

Integrated Safety

Integrated Safety NX Series

The Sysmac automation platform integrates safety control within our one controller, one connection, and one software concept. By using FailSafe over EtherCAT - FSoE - protocol, all safety I/O is controlled over the same machine network with one tag database. Sysmac Studio software is used for complete system configuration, programming and maintenance. The NX safety solution consists of the safety controller and safety I/O units connected to a Sysmac NJ controller. Both the safety controller and safety I/O can be freely distributed on any NX I/O node throughout the EtherCAT network, mixing them in any combination with standard digital, analog, temperature, and positioning I/O.

  • Meets Cat 4 PLe EN ISO 13849-1 and SIL3 IEC61508
  • PLCopen function blocks
  • Up to 8 safety input points
  • Safety function blocks IEC61131-3 standard


Human Machine Interfaces PC based, Scalable, Standard, Function Key & HMI & Control

Human Machine Interfaces

With Omron HMI's the difference is clear. Perfection in image clarity and unparallelled reliability have been the driving force behind their success. The range included the NS-Series scalable HMI, the NB-Series compact touch screens, the NV-series Micro-HMI, and the NT function key type displays. With this wide range of HMI solutions Skeans can help match the best product for your application.

  • Panel Industrial PC available for 24/7 operation
  • Function key HMI available with 6 -22 buttons
  • Mono & Colour options available
  • Scalable units ranging 8.4" to 15" display
  • Standard HMI range 3.5 - 10.1" display




Omron software solutions reduce complexity by providing an integrated environment, with single install and lifetime online upgrades, enabling users to design a complete multi-discipline modular automation system. The concept is to provide one software that is simple and easy to use. The software embeds advanced knowledge to speed up the entire process: development, commissioning, and maintenance.

  • Sysmac Studio offers true integrated development envirnoment
  • CX-Drive monitors and tunes your servos and inverters
  • CX-One offers one time configuration & programming software for all Omron PLC's
  • 5 Runtime environments

Smart Relays

Smart Relays Smart Relays

Smart Relays

With the choice 10 I/O and 20 I/O CPU units Omron fulfills all needed functionality to do all kind of control automation. Some models are expandable up to 44 I/Os. All DC models have analogue input and high-speed counter input up to 150Hz. Units are available in three different versions with LCD display, control/ program buttons, calendar and clock.

  • DC and AC input/supply units
  • RS-485 communication available
  • Fixed and expandable I/O
  • ZEN-Kits the best choice to start!