Much like the traditional Skeans Pneumatic Motion Control devices, the following products are some of our offerings in the Electronic Motion Control area.


Skeans carries Tolomatic, PHD and Bimba electric actuators. The following are some product offerings, please visit their websites for more details.

Tolomatic Electric Rodless Actuators Rodless Electro-Mechanical Actuators

Tolomatic Electric Rodless Actuators MXES, MXEP, MXB, B3S, B3W, TKS, TKB, BCS, and the SLS Series

Tolomatic offers a wide range of electric Rodless actuators including many series and makes to choose from. All Tolomatic electric Rodless actuators are built to your specifications in 15 days or less. With Tolomatic’s sizing and selection software you eliminate the time and hassle of mixing, matching, and integrating various components

Tolomatic Electric Rod-Style Actuators Electric Rod Actuator

Tolomatic Electric Rod-Style Actuators RSA/RSM Series

The RSA/RSM rod-style screw-drive actuator offers the most complete selection of sizes, options and system components. Designed with high performance, high thrust, dependability and mounting flexibility in mind, the RSA/RSM rod-style screw-drive actuator offers a cost-competitive solution for a multitude of motion control applications

  • 6 different body sizes
  • Thrust capabilities up to 12,900 lbs
  • Conforms to both NFPA and ISO industry mounting standards
  • 35 different screw selections
  • Strokes in any incremental length up to 60 inches

Tolomatic Electric Rod-Style Actuators Electric Actuator

Tolomatic Electric Rod-Style Actuators ERD Series

The ERD is a low cost rod-style electric actuator designed as an alternate to pneumatic cylinders and an option for automating manual processes. The ERD electric cylinder is compatible with many NEMA and Metric standard stepper and servomotors to create a low cost, electric actuator solution

  • 6 body sizes
  • Force/thrust capabilities up to 4,500 lbs
  • Guide/Anti-rotate option
  • IP67 & IP69K option
  • Ball, Acme and Roller screw choices
  • Stroke lengths configurable up to 39”
  • Stepper & Servo Drive/Controller & Motor solutions
  • All Stainless Steel body construction
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PHD Electric Cylinders Your Motor, Your Way

PHD Electric Cylinders ECV, ESG & ESK/ASL series

Rod-style electric cylinders with ISO and VDMA mounting interfaces in either ball screw or lead screw models. These performance electric cylinders are available in a variety of sizes with two screw configurations per size, as well as a version with a non-rotating rod. The Your Motor, Your Way system allows for flexibility in the choice of motor and controls and is available in both an inline or foldback configuration.

  • Up to 1 meter travel lengths
  • Up to 991 lbs thrust
  • ESG Gantry style for high loads & long travels
  • ESK/ESL Thruster for minimal rod deflection

Bimba Electric Actuators

Bimba Electric Actuators OLE Series

The Original Line Electric Rod-type Actuator is designed around the premise of the Bimba Pneumatic Original Line. These tried and true cylinders have been re-engineered for electric application but like the OL products they are designed for the longest life, great durability, highest speed, and great thrust per dollar. Standard actuators mount to a wide variety of steppers and servos. Custom models to suit diverse application requirements. Typically available in three days.

  • Thrusts up to 350 pounds
  • Speeds up to 20 inches per second
  • Strokes up to 18 inches
  • Available with and without motor and drivers

Grippers and Clamps

PHD Electric Grippers & Clamps

PHD Electric Grippers & Clamps EGRK, PLCE, GRME & PLKE Series

PHD offers different models of electric grippers and clamps that combine performance, precision, and ease of use for many workholding and materials handling industrial applications.

  • EGRK heavy duty parallel gripper
  • PLCE robust pin clamp
  • GRME workholding clamp
  • PLKE versatile pin clamp

Servo/Stepper - Motors/Drives

Skeans carries Omron and Applied Motion Servo and Stepper motors and drives. The following are some product offerings; please visit their websites for more details.

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Applied Motion Products Servo & Stepper Drive & Motors Servo & Stepper Drive Motors

Applied Motion Products Servo & Stepper Drive & Motors

Applied Motion Products offers a variety of AC & DC Stepper & Servo Drives including control codes of Step & Direction, Velocity (Oscillator), Streaming Commands, Analog Positioning, Encoder Following, Si programming, Q programming, CANopen, and SiNet Hub Compatible.

They also offer a wide range of Servo & Stepper Motors with frame sizes including 40mm, 60mm, 80mm, NEMA 8, NEMA 11, NEMA 14, NEMA 17, NEMA 23, NEMA 24, and NEMA 34.

Electro Pneumatic Positioners

Bimba Electro Pneumatic Positioner

Bimba Electro Pneumatic Positioner

Bimba's Position Feedback Products are ideal for applications that require accurate measuring or closed loop positioning. They enable machines to adapt to changes on the fly, automate setup, and speed up and simplify process changes.

Position Feedback Cylinders are available in reciprocating or rotary models. They may be used with our PCS control for closed loop positioning, our DPM for precise measuring, or our electronic controller

Skeans Pneumatic LPS (Linear Positioning System)

Skeans Pneumatic LPS (Linear Positioning System) LPS Series

Our own Skeans' Pneumatic Linear Positioning System is designed for use in resource industries that require linear positioning technology, but may not require the accuracy achieved by a costly and complex motion control system. Our system uses the Nopak SG heavy-duty air cylinder construction. The cylinder is available in a variety of styles and bores, with accuracies of 0.05" or better to support numerous industry protocols. It integrates FC-2 Electronics Module and employs Fuzzy Logic to interpret both the feedback from the cylinder and the user's desired cylinder position to control standard MAC valves which are used to position the cylinder

If you want to learn how Skeans could help meet your linear positioning system design needs please call Skeans today.