• Motion Control

    Electronic Actuators - Rod and Rodless, AC & DC Stepper & Servo Drives, Position Feedback products and Pneumatic Linear Positioning Systems.

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    Motion Control

  • Programmable Controllers

    Machine automation controllers, compact and modular PLCs, remote I/O, modular and integrated safety I/O, HMIs and programming software.

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    Programmable Controllers

  • Sensors

    Wide offering of sensors: photoelectric, fiber optic, ultrasonic, proximity (inductive & capacitive), distance measuring, vision cameras, encoders, limit switches, and more

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  • Collaborative Robots

    Universal Robots, safe, collaborative, flexible plug and play system offering the quickest payback in the robot industry

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    Collaborative Robots

  • Machine Safety

    Machine safeguarding products including light curtains, area scanners, safety mats, door interlock switches, hard guarding, control reliable relays and more.

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    Machine Safety

  • Machine Connectivity

    Cord sets, power supplies, distribution boxes, interface modules, suppression/EMC, transformers, relays and opto-couplers, I/O systems, solenoid valve connections and bus modules.

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    Machine Connectivity

  • Modular Equipment Stands

    Customizable aluminum extrusion pedestal & workstation assemblies.

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    Modular Equipment Stands

  • Control Panel Products

    Tie in all your automation components with cabinet components such as enclosures, power supplies, relays, push buttons, terminal blocks, timers, counters, and more.

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    Control Panel Products

  • Custom Designs

    Complete stand-alone electrical solutions, custom designed to your needs using modern industrial electrical components and programming, ensuring you a total control package.

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    Custom Designs