Is Nitrogen part of your day to day business? Automation, Packaging, Food & Beverage, Laser Metal Cutting, Pharmaceutical and countless other industries use Nitrogen. Traditionally Nitrogen is served to the market in bottle form, which if you require a lot can be both costly and difficult to store. The nano GEN2 generator offers a cost effective, reliable and safe alternative to the use of liquid of bottled Nitrogen.


Benefits of on site Nitrogen production include: lower life operating costs, simple installation and maintenance, removing the need to purchase, store and handle cylinders, cost effective energy saving option, 24/7 operation possible, greater control and flexibility, and lower carbon foot print eliminating gas and it's emissions for bottle delivery to your facility.

Nano Nitrogen Generator

Nano Nitrogen Generator GEN2 Generator

The nano GEN2 generator is comprised of two extruded aluminum columns attached together by upper and and lower manifold assemblies. Each column is fitted with an Adsorbent Media (AMT®) cartridge designed to remove water vapor.The clean, dry compressed air then  travels upward through the Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) cartridge.The cartridge is filled with a specially designed Carbon Molecular Sieve desiccant with very small pore openings  that will allow  extremely small  molecules such as Oxygen and and other trace gases to enter these pores while allowing  the much larger Nitrogen molecules to pass through  the CMS. Because of the pressure swing adsorption design of the GEN2, one side of the  generator is on -line actively producing while the other side is offline regenerating,or being stripped of the  Oxygen and other trace gases that the CMS has adsorbed .The switching switching  between the two generator sides allows for a continuous supply of Nitrogen at a predetermined flow, pressure and purity.

Air Compressor, Wet Air Receiver are required (sold separately). Also of note is inlet air temperature dramatically affects operation of all Nitrogen Generators, if existing air supply inlet temperature deviates from allowable limits a refrigeration air dryer may be additionally required for proper supply and purity.

  • Compacy modular design
  • PLC control with touch screen interface
  • Oxygen content from 5% to less than 10ppm
  • Expandable design enables additional capacity
  • Can be multi-banked or expanded
  • 100, 240V, 50 or 60Hz, or 24VDC