When air is compressed, friction causes the actual air temperature to rise, greatly increasing its ability to hold moisture. At 100 PSIG the quantity of moisture commonly held in eight cubic feet of air is reduced in an area 1/8 its original size. The result of compression is hot, wet, dirty air it is essential to treat processed air before it can do any damage. By drying and filtering compressed air, operation efficiency can be maximized, and equipment productivity and longevity greatly increased. A properly designed air system will pay for itself.



Skeans offers desiccant dryers from Airtek, Xebec, and Zander.

Airtek Twin Tower Desiccant Dryers

Airtek Twin Tower Desiccant Dryers

AIRTEK Twin Tower Desiccant dryers are available in heatless and pressure swing, externally heat reactivated and blower purge desiccant configurations. Airtek Desiccant dryer features include: fully packaged systems, PowerLoc and CycleLoc energy saving systems, ThermaLoc heater protection systems, sequence enunciators, dual mode heatless backup, programmable logic controllers and digital dew point readout.

  • ThermaLoc Heater Protection Systems
  • Digital Dew Point Readout
  • Pressure dew points of -40F to -100F
  • PowerLoc and CycleLoc Energy Saving Systems
  • Logic Controllers
  • Custom package skids available

Gardner Denver Desiccant Air Dryers

Gardner Denver Desiccant Air Dryers DGH, DPB , GDHM , DST , and DHP Series

Gardner Denver desiccant air dryers offer customizable performance opportunities. From heatless to blower purge, Gardner Denver's desiccant dryers will meet your needs. To learn about the individual series please call Skeans or visit the Gardner Denver website

  • 40 up to 5400 SCFM
  • Reliable and durable air flow components
  • Dew points up to –100F
  • Large desiccant beds ensure consistent dew points

Gardner Denver Medical Desiccant Dryer

Gardner Denver Medical Desiccant Dryer NFPA99 and CSA

Gardner Denver medical desiccant dryer systems are NFPA 99 and CSA code compliant for medical air applications. The redundant dryer system removes contaminants and moisture delivering dry, clean medical air.

  • Duplex Filter and Regulator Bank with By-Pass
  • Tower Gauges
  • Isolation Valves
  • Purge Control with Mufflers
  • Carbon Monoxide and Dew Point Monitoring
  • Pressure Regulators with Gauges

Nano Nitrogen Generator

Nano Nitrogen Generator GEN2

The nano GEN2 generator is comprised of two extruded aluminum columns attached together by upper and and lower manifold assemblies. Each column is fitted with an Adsorbent Media (AMT®) cartridge designed to remove water vapor.The clean, dry compressed air then  travels upward through the Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) cartridge.The cartridge is filled with a specially designed Carbon Molecular Sieve desiccant with very small pore openings  that will allow  extremely small  molecules such as Oxygen and and other trace gases to enter these pores while allowing  the much larger Nitrogen molecules to pass through  the CMS. Because of the pressure swing adsorption design of the GEN2, one side of the  generator is on -line actively producing while the other side is offline regenerating,or being stripped of the  Oxygen and other trace gases that the CMS has adsorbed .The switching switching  between the two generator sides allows for a continuous supply of Nitrogen at a predetermined flow, pressure and purity.

Air Compressor, Wet Air Receiver are required (sold separately). Also of note is inlet air temperature dramatically affects operation of all Nitrogen Generators, if existing air supply inlet temperature deviates from allowable limits a refrigeration air dryer may be additionally required for proper supply and purity.

  • Compact Modular Design
  • PLC control w/touch screen
  • Oxygen content from 5% to less than 10PPM
  • Expandable Design
  • Can be multi-banked
  • 100/240V, 50/60 Hz or 24VDC

Zander Desiccant Air Dryers

Zander Desiccant Air Dryers AKA , KTA , WVM , ZBA , and ZHA Series

The traditional adsorption principle used in this design is simple, robust and flexible using compressed air for regeneration therefore eliminating any need for an outside energy supply. High levels of reliability are achieved by the use of proven engineering technology and components

  • Dew points of -100°F & -40°F
  • High Efficiency Micro filter pre & after filters
  • High-efficiency, quiet running regenerative (up to 3000 scfm) or centrifugal blowers (4000 scfm and larger) on select models


Skeans offer Refridgeration dryers by Gardner Denver, Wilkerson, Zander and Airtek

Airtek, DH or Zander Refrigeration Dryers

Airtek, DH or Zander Refrigeration Dryers E, SC, ZDHHT & Magnum Series

Airtek’s Cold Trap® (CT) Series Refrigerated Dryer has all the same features of the award-winning and patented Smart Cycle®, with the addition of a built-in multi-stage high efficiency coalescing filter in place of the conventional, less efficient moisture separator. Using the coalescing filter immediately after the chiller, allows for filtration at the coldest possible temperature, which results in filtration efficiency up to 100 times better than at higher temperatures typically found in compressed air systems. Due to the pre-separation of bulk contaminants in the first stage of the filter, these contaminants never reach the high efficiency coalescing element, thereby greatly reducing pressure drop cost, and extending element life to 3-4 times that of conventional filters.

As with the Smart Cycle® Series, the Cold Trap® design offers the industry’s only 33°-39°F (1° to 4°C) dew point guarantee at loads from 0% to 100%. No other refrigerated dryer, at any price, can match the Cold Trap Series performance,

  • 21 – 247 cfm
  • Up to 100 psig
  • Efficient with low dew point
  • Compact design

Gardner Denver - Refrigeration Dryer

Gardner Denver - Refrigeration Dryer GSRN Series

GSRN Series Non-Cycling refrigerated air dryers are engineered to benefit you for a lifetime with the tradition of durability that is Gardner Denver. Quality components and engineering excellence are bonded together to ensure you of a stable 38°F pressure dew point. Gardner Denver combines reliability, cutting-edge design, and innovative packaging to supply the best air treatment package in a space saving unit.The GSRN are up to 20% lower cost over SKEANS old standard of the RNC series, check out these new dryer that our outpacing past sales performance.

  • 10 – 3000 scfm
  • Max 250PSIG Controller dependant
  • Integrated 3 micron filter (std)
  • Auto Zero Loss drain
  • In stock @ Skeans 10 - 100 CFM
  • Max Inlet Temp 130°F
  • Integrated Cold Coalescing Filter (opt)
  • 4 levels of controllers

In-Line Point of Use

Dryers for use directly at application point

Inline Point of Use Dryers

Inline Point of Use Dryers

Wilkerson offers high performance, economical, point-of-use manual dryers for applications in markets such as packaging, processing, conveying, laboratory, and instrumentation.

  • Atmospheric Dew Points as low as –100 F
  • No Electrical Connection Necessary
  • Twin Units Available for Double Service Line
  • Color change of desiccant provide an instant status update of the compressed air system

Membrane Dryer

Membrane Air Dryer

Membrane Air Dryer MSD Series

Wilkerson offers high performance, economical clean dry air systems for applications in markets such as packaging, processing, conveying, laboratory, and instrumentation. The MSD Series is available in 3/8, ½ NPT or BSPP-G port sizes.

  • -4F and -40F dew points
  • Low Pressure Drop
  • No Electrical Connection Necessary
  • No User purge adjustment
  • No Moving Parts
  • Compact modular design, space saving installation