Energy Audits

As one of the compressor room products services Skeans offers a compressed air system audit. Your company could be wasting thousands of dollars a year on inefficient or poor compressed air practices.

What's Involved?

An air demand analysis makes use of data loggers and precision sensors to create a detailed air usage profile for your facility. They are used to chart airflow, power consumption and system pressure during normal operating hours. This creates a complete picture of air requirements including relationship between peak and base load compressor and plant demands. Using this data, a Skeans specialist will identify areas for improvement.

How Will a Skeans Compressed Air Audit Benefit You?

Skeans will build a formal air audit report, complete with an executive summary showing current "base" operations and associated annual costs vs. recommended options with return on investment solutions.

With this final report, your facility will know what is happening with your compressed air system and if equipment can be upgraded or improved. You can then submit the Skeans report to your utility for evaluation and funding of the project.

Why Choose Skeans?

Skeans prides themselves in offering the latest of technology in compressed air, so you "the customer" can operate your facility in the most efficient and effective manor, saving you energy and money.

Skeans will also help you decide on the best "type" of audit for your system. Audits can be customized to meet your needs.

Please call 604.777.4247 or 1.800.663.0419 to learn more about receiving a compressed air system audit!