The below table shows the extensive options in our Gardner Denver Blower offering. While we are unable to focus on all of these in our detailed summaries on this webpage, for more information please click on the links in the table to be redirected to GD's website where you will find detailed product knowledge

Vacuum pumps: 
Elmo Rietschle
Claw Vacuum Pumps
Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps
Oil-Free Vacuum Pumps
Radial Vacuum Pumps
Rotary Lobe Vacuum Pumps
Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps
Screw Vacuum Pumps
Side Channel Blowers
Positive Displacement 
Sutorbilt Legend
Sutorbilt 4500 Blower
Sutorbilt 8000 Blower
DuroFlow Blowers
RBS Series
TriFlow Rotary Tri-Lobe
HeliFlow Industrial
IQ Packages

While the GD offering is coming online, we are clearing out all of our remaining Tuthill Blower inventory check out our inventory page for some great pricing.

PD Blower

Sutorbilt Legend DSL Series Positive Displacement Blowers & Vacuum Pumps

Sutorbilt Legend DSL Series

Sutorbilt Legend DSL Improving a great, trusted and proven product was the challenge. The Legend DSL integrates proven experience with world-class blower design and manufacturing to create a product worthy of the
name “Legend”

Quality + Tradition = Trust
• Tradition, 150 years of quality manufacturing with proven results
• Every Legend DSL is manufactured to ISO 9001 certified standards in Sedalia, Missouri
• Each Legend DSL is individually tested to meet rigorous performance specifications
• Superior and consistent quality can be found in each Legend DSL as a result of:
– Continual investment in the training of world-class manufacturing personnel
– Quality inspections throughout the entire manufacturing process
• Requested by leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide for a wide range of applications
• A Legend is at the heart of an ever-expanding variety of air solutions working every minute of every day
• Supported by a worldwide network of experienced and trusted sales and service professionals
• Quiet Series available with reduced noise up to 5 dBA
• The Legend DSL Warranty
– 30 months from the date of shipment or
– 24 months from the date of installation whichever occurs first

  • Pressure to 15 psig
  • Airflow to 950 cfm
  • Universal feet
  • Site glasses
  • Vacuum to 16" Hg
  • Dual splash lube
  • Larger sump capacity = cooler running bearings

Sutorbilt Legend Q Series PD Blowers & Vacuum Pumps

Sutorbilt Legend Q Series

Sutorbilt® Legend® Q Series Bi-Lobe Blower offers significant advantages:
• Quiet operation up to 5 dBA reduction
• Highest quality materials and construction
• Flexible installation capability
• Available in 5 quiet sizes: 3MQ, 4HQ, 4MQ, 5MQ, 6MQ - many are stock units in SKEANS facilities, check with your local sales division

QUALITY Promise; Each model incorporates the following for longer service life and reduced downtime
• Every Q Series machine is built under rigid ISO 9001:2000 quality standards
• Each Q Series is individually tested to meet rigorous performance specifications
• High strength impeller case for reduced noise and vibrations
• Integral heat dissipation fins on the case to help maintain proper clearances
• Oversized heavy-duty bearings for added overhung load capacity

• Flex-Mount™ mounting feet are precisely machined and match the mounting footprint of many competitive units in either vertical or horizontal installations
• Inlet and outlet ports include FNPT connections for ease of plumbing

• Warranty Period
– 24 months from the date of shipment or
– 18 months from the date of installation, whichever occurs first

  • Pressure to 15 psig
  • Airflow to 815 cfm
  • Heavy duty bearings for greater reliability
  • Vacuum to 16" Hg
  • Steel drive shaft provides extra strength and rigidity for greater overhung load capacity
  • Cast iron rotors dynamically balanced for smooth operation

Liquid Ring

Elmo Rietschle Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

Elmo Rietschle Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

L-BL2 in general:

The L-BL2 range comprises compact plug-and-play systems for easy on-site installation. The pumps are air-cooled, 100 % oil-free and do not require additional water during operation. In addition, the vacuum pumps provide a much higher resistance to water and steam than alternative systems. Thanks to contact-free compression, they are virtually wear-free in operation and need no periodic maintenance. The patented discharge-air cooling system ensures that the pumps will not heat up by more than 15 K above room temperature. The pumps work reliably in continuous operation and are steam resistant and insensitive to condensation of the pumped air.

Compact version:
Also known as the Elmo Rietschle "pump in the box", these portable units are oil-free and air-cooled. They include an L-BV liquid ring pump, an industrial electric motor, discharge separator, seal water cooler and discharge air cooler.

Split units:
The L-BL2 split range family of pumps allow the user to take advantage of the L-BL technology in applications where higher air volume is needed or for special process requirements. They are suitable for applications involving aggressive suction materials and can also be implemented e.g. in the food & beverages industry where they are available in versions made entirely of stainless steel. Also available are versions equipped with all the valves including tubing required for integration into a CIP cleaning process. Air-to-water heat exchangers or plate heat exchangers are also available

  • Volume flow 27 to 1,200 m³/h
  • Air-cooled
  • 15.9 to 705.9 cfm
  • Closed water circuit - no need to supply fresh water

Oil Free

Elmo Rietschle Oil Free Vacuum Pumps

Elmo Rietschle Oil Free Vacuum Pumps

What is an oil free vacuum pump?

An oil free vacuum pump, also referred to an oil-less vacuum pump or dry vacuum pump is essentially a pump that does not use oil in the chamber to create a vacuum or cool the pump. In oil-lubricated machines oil is used a seal the vacuum chamber and cool the pump. Oil free machines use other means to cool the machine during operation such as water or air cooling

Why should you consider using an oil free vacuum pump?

A low energy solution.
Oil free vacuum technologies offer considerable savings in terms of overall energy efficiency. Oil free vacuum pumps when combined with a VSD (variable speed drive) can reduce energy consumption by up to 50% in some applications compared to their oil lubricated equivalents. The Specific Energy Requirement or SER is the ratio of the power consumption (in watts) of the vacuum pump to the respective pumping speed (m3/h) in relation to the suction pressure (mbar abs.). Simply stated, how much energy is needed to move a certain amount of air from A to B. The compression principles of oil free vacuum pumps can allow for a much reduced SER depending on the application requirements. Most oil free technologies are compatible with a VSD to allow for greater process accuracy from the pump and therefore reduce energy consumption further.

A clean solution
If you have a process that requires stringent or lower level of contamination risk then oil free vacuum pump offer an efficient and assured solution. These vacuum pumps have been specifically developed to meet the needs of manufacturers that require only the highest air purity environments.

A low maintenance solution
If you’re looking to reduce maintenance costs an oil free vacuum pumps would be the ideal solution. These pumps do not require the same level of maintenance as an oil-lubricated machine. There is no need to replace the oil and oil separator elements, which is regularly required and naturally results in higher operating costs over the pump’s lifetime.

A low downtime solution
Unlike there oil lubricated counterparts, oil free vacuum pumps do not have to be removed to carry out essential maintenance servicing. This means there is little or no equipment downtime, as well as any indirect costs from lost production uptime.

An environmentally friendly solution
Oil free vacuum pumps remove the cost of oil, waste oil disposal and labour. They also have the additional benefit of reducing oil consumption in our manufacturing processes, lessening the user's impact on the environment from production of oil and disposal of waste oil.

A lower total cost of ownership solution
All of the above benefits allow oil free vacuum pumps to offer outstandingly low total cost of ownership (TCO) over the lifetime of the pump. Reduced service and maintenance costs, combined with energy savings will reduce operating costs per machine. Although the initial investment of an oil lubricated solution may look appealing, the lifetime costs far outweigh those of a dry running machine in the long-term.

IQ Blower Pkg

Twisted Tri-Lobe Blower Package IQ Blower Package (7.5-110HP)

Twisted Tri-Lobe Blower Package

This 7.5 – 100 HP factory direct blower package from the trusted solutions provider to the PD Blower and Vacuum Pump Marketplace. A quiet operating environment as well as highly efficient energy levels is obtainable with the IQ. The IQ blower package is a blend of proven results and innovation for the future. The IQ blower package will provide intelligent design, quiet operation, innovative features and Gardner Denver quality.

Intelligent digital monitoring standard with the AirSmart controller
Quiet sound levels as low as 60 dBA
Innovative removable discharge silencer provides package integrity and end-user flexibility
Quality and dependable Gardner Denver PD Blower in every IQ package

"The easiest equipment installation we've ever had." - Plant Superintendent, Municipal Wastewater Plant

Some of the standard features:
Intelligent monitoring solutions - available features via the AirSmart controller, Package Sequencing, Remote monitoring, Oil level monitoring, Oil sump temperature monitoring, Quiet Sound Enclosure (sound levels as low as 60 dBA), TEFC EISA premium efficiency Motors in many available voltages, Start Options, Standard less starter, Full voltage starter, VFD, Removable Discharge Silencer, Vacuum/Pressure Connections, Pre-Mounted Valves, Relief and check valves standard, Unloaded start valve optional, Enclosure Cooling Fan, Optional Equipment, EMC Filter, Line Reactor, Communication Module, Oil level and temperature sensors, Removable & hinged panels providing easy access for maintenance, Premium Vibration Isolators, Automatic Belt tensioner, Forklift slots for easy movement & installation, Simple Connections

Side Channel

Elmo Rietschle Regenerative Blowers and Vacuum Pumps

Elmo Rietschle Regenerative Blowers and Vacuum Pumps

Some technologies are so good that it is hard to improve them. Regenerative blowers from Elmo Rietschle are such an example and they were the first to patent regenerative blower technology! They have proven their reliability in service for many decades, performing flawlessly day in and day out with virtually no down time. These regenerative blowers (often referred to as side channel blowers) are available in a wide selection for performance ranges up to 1,766 cfm at 60 Hz and differential pressures of up to 420 in. H₂O. With flexibility and power, these blowers cover a variety of demanding applications. The G-Series regenerative blowers feature NEMA Premium motors with voltage ranges for 50 and 60 Hz in protection class IP 55 (insulation class F) and are UL 507 and CSA 22.2 No. 113 approved. This makes them the ideal solution for worldwide use.

Common Regenerative Blower Applications:

Filling & Closing Machines
Vacuum filling is used for such products as beverages, cosmetics & pharmaceuticals. Air is removed simultaneously as the product is filled into the container
Removal of the air speeds up the filling process and extends the shelf life of the product. Air is removed from pharmaceuticals and cosmetics to ensure product purity

Automated machines place adhesive labels to products and packaging, Vacuum is used in conjunction with suction cups to pick and place labels

Volume Reduction
Foam type products and clothing are reduced in volume by means of vacuum, Vacuum bagged items take up less space for transport and storage

Packaging Materials
Many common packaging materials are formed using vacuum, Examples include bubble wrap and inflatable bag packaging materials

Blister Packaging
Vacuum is often used to assist with the formation of consumer packaged goods

Medical Ventilation
Ventilators use a small blower component which provides air flow moving breathable air via a mechanical pumping operation into and out of the patient's lungs.

Hospital Air Beds
Air beds are used for bed-ridden patients at risk for bedsores. Inflating individual air chambers while deflating others varies the pressure on the skin, thus helping prevent bedsores. Through selective raising and lowering of different areas, air beds can also help position the patient for treatment and personal care.

Dental Suction Systems
Vacuum is used in dental equipment to draw off liquids such as cooling water from the drilling machine, saliva and blood.

Pellet Conveying
Pellets are conveyed through extensive pipe networks, Conveyed under vacuum (dense phase) or pressure (dilute phase)

Pellet Drying
Pellets absorb moisture which can affect the quality of the final products, Pellets are heated and dried to a specific moisture content, Regenerative blowers are used to circulate heated air through storage silos, Moisture is removed from the air by desiccant dryers, Blowers are used to regenerate (dry out) desiccant dryers

Extruding Cooling & Drying
Hot plastic discharged from extruder is cooled with regenerative blowers, Blast cooling air ensures the ultimate quality and final product shape

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), Styrofoam products are formed from small beads of styrene in a form or mold, Steam is injected into the mold during the process
Vacuum is used to extract the steam and moisture from the mold

Woodworking Vacuum Hold-Down
Vacuum is used as a holding force on CNC router tables, provides an even uniform clamping force to prevent shifting of material, Wood, plastic and metal are held in place while routers cut out shapes, Mechanical clamping does not yield the same results as vacuum

Vacuum Dust Collection
Vacuum is used to suction off wood dust and shavings from work areas, Scrap is conveyed to central collection bins for disposal or recycling In-line filters play an important role in protecting vacuum blower unit

  • High CFM capacities moderate pressure/vacuum
  • Contact-less Operation
  • Tolerant to dust ingestion
  • Up to 40,000 operating hours without maintenance (2BH2)
  • Ideal for point of use applications
  • Easy installation
  • VFD Compatible
  • Quiet operation