SKEANS offers several series of specialty Compressor Room Solutions including Condensate management systems, Drains, Membrane Dryers, Breathing Air dryers and Zero Purge Air Systems


Condensate Management

Nano Sepura Sterling the new standard in envirnomentally safe separation

Nano Sepura Sterling S-Series-1 Oil Water Separators

A typical compressed air system can produce thousands of gallons of condensate per year. This condensate may be as much as 99.9% pure water - so why pay thousands of dollars per year to dispose of "contaminated" water when you can clean it simply and effectively and pour it down the drain, without environmental concerns. The nano Sepura range of oil water separators remove the oil from the water in your condensate so you can dispose of it cleanly and safely, drastically reducing your condensate disposal costs.

The S- Series1 is not your typical oil water separator. it's advanced design and unique environmentally friendly STERLING oil absorbing filtration media takes separation technology to a whole new level. No messy carbon bags, no settling tanks full of untreated condensate, no external oil collection containers... just simple and effective condensate treatment.

nano S-Series1 range of oil water separators reliably gives you:

  • 100% performance - even on newer synthetic compressor lubricants
  • lower outlet concentrations - down to 5 ppmv or less
  • environmentally friendly recycled construction materials
  • lower life cycle costs - long media life and simplified maintenance
  • space saving - smaller footprint for easier installation
  • treatment for systems up to 10,000 sfcm with a single unit
  • IN STOCK @ SKEANS 60, 120 & 360 scfm sizes

The following video is an excellent visual of just how effective the nano Sterling technology is.

GD Condensate Management System

GD Condensate Management System CTS Eliminator, Trouble Shooter & Liquid Separator

Gardner Denver Condensate Management systems are designed for separating oil contamination from condensate before being expelled into the environment.

The CTS Eliminator II has been engineered to be an effective and reliable means of treating lubricant contaminated compressor condensate. Untreated condensate can have detrimental effects on the environment and is illegal to dump into sewer systems or onto the ground.

The Troubleshooter was designed to effectively separate emulsified compressor condensate to levels of 15 PPM or less without premature element failure and backup spillages. The unique delivery system and the increased media’s ability to absorb up to four times the amount of oil that standard activated carbon can hold sets this eliminator apart from the competition.

And for compressed air systems where excessive free liquid and solid contamination is a problem, choose Gardner Denver Liquid Separators. Our unique design combines the techniques of centrifugal action and other mechanical

  • 32 - 120°F Ambient Temp
  • 125 - 1125 SCFM
  • Options Available
  • High flow rates
  • Less than 1PSI pressure differential
  • Rated for summer time 90°F conditions
  • Low Maintenance Cost


Zander Zero Loss Drain

Zander Zero Loss Drain ED Series

Removal of condensate from separation, filtration and dryer packages is simply a case of using a drain valve, however most are purchased on their initial price only, with little thought to their maintenance and running costs. The hidden cost with the most common drain types, lies within their operation, that is they discharge expensive compressed air.

Parker ZANDER ecodrain ED Series zero air loss electronic condensate drains detect and discharge only when condensate is present. With no mechanical sensor parts and a sensing system that works with all types of compressed air condensate, including aggressive oil-free, the intelligent operation always ensures no loss of valuable compressed air. The Ecodrain ED Series condensate drains are reliable, easy to install, cost effective solutions for condensate removal, with a model to suit every system or application

  • 13 - 648 SCFM
  • Non-wearing magnetic core level control
  • 35 - 140°F Ambient Temp
  • Max 725 PSIG
  • Powder coat inside & out

Gardner Denver Timer Drains

Gardner Denver Timer Drains

Most problems that occur in compressed air systems can be attributed to missing or faulty condensate drains. While it is probably the least expensive component in the system, a faulty condensate drain can render more expensive equipment useless. Gardner Denver drains offer superior reliability because they are designed with a full-port discharge orifice and solid-state timers. They are also programmable, meaning that the end user can select the frequency and duration of blowdown to help assure the most efficient operation.

Skeans stock electronic timer drains and zero loss drains

  • 1/4" - 1/2" port size
  • Test Mode
  • Nema 12 rust proof enclosure
  • 115V 5 Valve Capacity (Multi-Port)
  • Single point power cord

Air Receivers

12 - 3800 Gallon Air Receivers

12 - 3800 Gallon Air Receivers

Skeans stocks standard air receivers in 80Gal - 400 Gallon, typically in Horizontal; Vertical configuration is also factory deliverable. Going beyond our inventory, Air Receivers of nearly any size and configuration are available from our factory partner. Standard sizes up to 3800 Gallon and larger custom designs beyond that as well.

  • 12 Gallon - 3800 Gallon Standard sizes
  • 6" - 192" diameter available
  • ASME, Provincal CRN Oil/Air receivers & Dryer Tanks
  • Custom and Standard Configurations Diameters from 4" to 120" and thickness up to 1.25
  • Standard wet primer

Breathing Air Purifier

Breathing - Air Purifiers

Breathing - Air Purifiers ZAM Series

Parker Zander's ZAM Series Breathing Air Purifier System consists of several stages of contaminant removal. Inlet filtration combines to remove bulk water, particles and oil. The use of adsorption materials, namely activated desiccant and carbon removes water vapor and oil vapor/odors respectively. The desiccant material is contained in a pressure swing adsorption dryer that delivers a constant pressure dewpoint of -40°F (-40°C). Downstream of the desiccant dryer, a catalyst converts carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide by catalytic conversion. A final dust filter captures any particulates carried over from the adsorption materials.

Parker Zander's ZAM Series Breathing Air Purifier System removes the following contaminants: solid particles, oil mists, oil vapors, odors and fumes, water mists, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

  • 6 purification stages
  • Integrated CO monitor
  • Exceeds international breathing standards
  • Use with any compressed air supply
  • Electrical supply required

Zero Purge Air System

Desiccant Zero Purge System

Desiccant Zero Purge System DT Zero Purge System

The Desert Air Products DT Zero Purge Desiccant Air Dryer is a complete and very unique “Compressed Air Treatment Centre”. Water, oil, dirt and water vapors are efficiently removed to provide you with one of the highest standards of clean, dry, compressed air available. Oil free air is delivered with a dew point as low as –40 degrees, and the remaining relative humidity is less than 1%.

  • 1 inch NPT to 1 ½ inch NPT
  • 100 – 250 SCFM
  • 175 max PSI operating pressure
  • Simple Design