SKEANS prides itself in providing integrated pneumatic, electric automation and compressor room solutions to a wide range of industries including Mining, Food & Beverage, Wood, Printing, Transportation, Life Sciences, Agriculture, Packaging, and many more. Below is a list of some of our main industries along with some previously successful application solutions.


The mining industry has many compressed air and pneumatic automation applications, whether its gold, copper, coal or potash – SKEANS is there. As well as being a part of the Mining Suppliers Association of BC. SKEANS offers such mining product solutions as air compressors & dryers, compressed air piping & distribution, air preparation units, manual & solenoid valves, pneumatic cylinders & actuators, and a wide range of energy management products including shock absorbers & isolation devices. SKEANS is excited to continue offering its solutions to the mining industry.

Gold Mining
Coal Mining
TRD Stainless Steel Cylinders for "Dart Valve"
SKEANS Stainless Steel Enclosure for reduced corrosion
SKEANS mounted Mac Valve assembly in Stainless Steel Enclosure
SKEANS SS pneumatic cylinder c/w housed control box

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Food & Beverage

SKEANS provides numerous product and application solutions for the food & beverage industry including automation and pneumatic products designed for wet, moist, wash down or food safe environments. These include MAC Valves with wash down protection, MURR Elektronik IP67 Cables and Connectors, Wilkerson S.S. FRL’s, TRD & Bimba Stainless Steel Cylinders, Enclosures, and Food Grade Legris Tube Fittings. Our Gardner Denver rotary screw compressors are also available with food grade oil
Case Packaging
Snack Food Processing
Meat Processing Equipment
Bottle transfer
Dairy - Position Control
PHD Slipsheet Gripper Solution
MAC 38 Series for Clean in process
MAC 24 Series Manifold Filler
PHD Snack Food Processing - click link
PHD Meat Processing - click link
MAC 46 Series Bottle/Can ejector
Tolomatic ERC20 Actuator c/w IP67 & SS Components

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For the transportation industry SKEANS offers many MAC Valve solutions with wash down and cold temperature protection. Skeans can design Value added control packages custom made for your truck or bus and we stock components to repair your existing equipment. So whether it's a complicated gate and dump control for a heavy truck, a simple DOT class Legris fitting, or a recoil tube with quick connect / disconnect couplers for your convenience, Skeans has a solution that will save you time and money.
Batch Trucks
Garbage Trucks
Cement Mixer
Air Bag Dump tailgate Lock Latch valves
Conveyor Gates, belt transfer cylinders & valves
Pneumatic pilot for Hydraulic cylinder
Charge hopper and Chute Lock valve
Brake/Door interlock valve, sewage control valve

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The wood industry in Western Canada is constantly providing new and old projects that require large-scale applications involving automation and pneumatics. SKEANS offers everything from MAC Valves, Nopak & TRD Cylinders & Actuators, Compressed Air Systems, and energy management systems. SKEANS also offers a wide range of measurement sensors and safety sensors and guarding products that will keep your employees safe when working in dangerous environments.
Log Loaders
Dual Pressure MAC Valves to save energy
PPC MAC Valves to vary pressure on ring arms
Press Roll Cylinder Controls
MAC Valves for speed and response

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Life Sciences

Life Sciences is an ever changing and evolving industry that requires that latest in clean air/liquid/gas distribution. From clean room applications to medicine production, SKEANS offers numerous products such as vacuums, compressed air/liquid/gas distribution, MAC Valves, electrical automation products, plastic tubing & fittings, and safety products
Small medical rooms
Medical Manufacturing Equipment
Sensor cleaning
Control Fluids
Dispensing Fluids
Bimba low profile lift table
PHD Medical Manufacturing Equipment
Bimba OL Twist Clamp cylinder
Bimba pinch valve for Dialysis, Colder fittings
Bimba foot peddle to control dispenser head, Colder fittings for dispensing

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Printing is a vast industry encompassing many facets of production. From paper sheet feeding, to gluing, stamping, perforation and cutting Skeans can provide a processing solution. If it's printing, folding or stacking you need, we have solutions there too. MAC Valves, PHD Cylinders, Colder print head fitting and RFID readers, printing is an automation process from start to finish and we can get what you need.
Cutting (all types of paper)
Sheet Feeding
MAC 400 Series actuating any of our cylinders to cut
MAC 56 Series to feed coating machine
MAC 52 Series for gluing inserts and postcards
PHD Cylinder to push stacks onto conveyors

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Packaging like printing is a vast industry encompassing many products we sell. Piab Vacuum products for filling, lifting and movement, MAC Valves for forming, and cooling, Tolomatic, PHD and TRD cylinders for material handling. Whether you need to make a box or bag, label it, fill it, vacuum seal it or move it, there is a solution to make your plant more efficient.
Vacuum Packaging
Box forming
Pick and Place
Piab P6040 pump vacuum and seal
PHD Packaging Equipment
MAC Valves for folding and gluing
MAC Valves for cooling and forming
Piab pumps and cups and MAC Valves for hold and release
Piab Duraflex cups for gripping and movement

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These are just a few examples of specific solutions, but we have access to endless others including agriculture, automotive plants, batch plants, foundries and many many more.