Universal Robots THE COBOT EXPO 2.0


There's just one day left to The Cobot Expo 2.0! We're demonstrating automation solutions to common manufacturing problems in every industry today 10AM - 5PM EST. Register here to access:

  • Live chats with automation professionals
  • Insightful keynotes from industry leaders
  • System demonstrations
  • New products from UR+ and CSI partners
  • all at no cost!

Check out the list of live product demos and keynote presentations below. See you at the Expo!

Live Demos Today, November 17th (EST)
Tessella Automation Inc; Hall 1
  • 9:00AM
Launch your Automated Micro Factory in Minutes
Atlas Copco; Hall 1
  • 11:00AM
  • 3:00PM
Improving Efficiency & Reducing Costs with MicroTorque
LMI Technologies; Hall 2
  • 1:00-2:00PM
Integrating Gocator Smart 3D Line Profilers with UR Cobots
Cross Company; Hall 2
  • All Day
Cross Palletron 3000
Onexia; Hall 2
  • All Day
PalletizUR in Production
Vectis Automation; Hall 1
  • 11:00-11:30AM
  • 3:00-3:30PM
Live Welding Demo
3D InfoTech; Hall 1
  • 4:00PM
    Machine Vision with UR
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Keynotes Today, November 17th (EST)
10:15AM (all are in Auditorium)
The Justification Worksheet: Calculating the Bottom Line of Automation
- Joe Campbell
New Measures of ROI: OEE and OLE
- Rob Hernandez
Controllers & Cables: New Products for OEM Applications
- Edward Chan
ActiNav Bin Picking: What Parts Do YOU Have in Bins?
- Silas Neale
Cobot Integration with Legacy Equipment
- Michael Phillips
Cobot Channels: Working with Distributors and Integrators
- Stu Shepherd
UR EDU: Accelerating Tomorrow's Engineers
- Corey Adams
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