Tolomatic Electronic Actuator Conveying solutions

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Conveying systems are common in manufacturing. They can be straight-forward -- systems that just take packages from point A to point B -- or complex -- configurations for sorting and diverting.As critical components in conveying systems, linear actuators must withstand the challenges of the application. Pneumatic cylinders have been used extensively in conveying. However, electric cylinder use is growing, fueled by demand for programmability and better accuracy. Food processing applications pose additional challenges for conveying systems and the actuators in them. In food processing, equipment must handle washdowns, a common practice in the industry. For a thorough review of specifying linear actuators for washdown environments, download Tolomatics white paper.

ERD low-cost electric cylinders ERD electric cylinder

ERD low-cost electric cylinders are the perfect alternative to pneumatic cylinders. ERD cylinders, when paired with stepper or servo motors, create flexible, powerful, cost-effective electric linear actuation solutions.ERD electric rod actuators are available in a range of stroke lengths and screw types. They have stainless steel housings and fasteners and can be ordered in an IP67 configuration suitable for many food processing applications. The ERD series includes models with stainless steel motor housing as well as USA-approved models.

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