SKEANS custom C-Can Compressor Room

Does your organization require Compressed Air, or Drier Air but you have no facility space? Have you mobile applications where you need Compressed Air produced and stored at various job site locations? Check out what SKEANS can do to design a custom application of Compressor, Dryer, Air Receiver and filtration - either/or or all; inside a used Shipping Container (aka C-Can)! So long as the equipment will fit inside, we can design a system that will produce the right CFM and quality of air required. C-Can's are inexpensive, water tight and can be sourced in 8' widths by 10', 20' or even 40' lengths. They can be painted to an exterior colour of your choice, or left their original colour, red, brown, green, or we are often able to find white. These units can be insulated to a specified R value, no not, sub floored, or not, ventilatation and custom man doors can be cut in. Exterior connection to service the air to/from your required service area are fully sealed and water tight and we can provide up to 250' of hose length. C-Cans can be dry mounted on asphalt, stacked, or even placed directly on dirt, so long as the area is reasonably level.

When you don't have the facility room, or you need to be mobile; contact SKEANS Compressor Sales Division for more information on custom designed Compressor Rooms built inside used shipping containers

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