Enidine Shock Absorbers and Vibration Isolators

Did you know that motion control solutions can significantly  reduce the harmful effects of shock and vibration in moving parts?

Small Bore Shock Absorbers

Enidine shock absorbers allow your machines to operate faster in ways that improve throughput and efficiency while protecting workers and industrial machinery from potential harm.

Common Applications:Small Bore Shock Absorber• Automotive • Conveyor Systems • Plastic Bottle Manufacturing • Packaging Machinery • Robotics

Large Bore Shock Absorbers

Enidine’s Heavy Industry products are designed to protect high value assets from damage caused by impacts and emergency runaway conditions. These products are designed  to meet specific customer needs.

Common Applications: • Auto, Storage and Retrieval • Steel Manufacturing • Overhead Cranes • Oil and Gas • Hydroelectric • Robotics

Vibration Isolation

Wire Rope Isolators are helical wound cable isolation mounts that offer multi-axis, maintenance-free shock and vibration isolation within a wide operating temperature range. Comprised of stainless steel cable threaded through aluminum alloy retaining bars, Wire Rope Isolators are not only rugged, but versatile for any application

Common Applications: • Electronics Cabinets • Pumps, Generators, Compressors • Shipping Containers and Skids • Sensitive Mobile Electronics • Medical Equipment • Chemical Processing Equipment • Disk Drives
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