Skeans Safety Meeting

Safety is in the forefront of many business's focus these days, and with that in mind Skeans Coquitlam manufacturing facility recently expanded it's safety committee and has established a Fire Safety program.  This past Friday we conducted our first full fledged fire drill where the Coquitlam Fire Department attended.  After our fire-drill we held an onsite Fire Extinguisher training session which nearly all employees took part in. Fire Safety officer "Kim" taught us about the four most common types of fires we would find both at work and in our homes. We learned about the most common types of extinguishers and which is the best to have on hand.  All participants had the opportunity to unlock and discharge a fire extinguisher over a 'learning fire'.

Safety conscience company's are doing everything these days to protect the health and welfare of their business and their staff. Thank you to the Coquitlam Fire Department and to the Safety Committee for arranging this valuable training.

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