Bimba/Pneumadyne 3-Way Normally Open Control Valves

SKEANS stocks miniature manual Bimba / Pneumadyne 3-Way Normally Open valves to fit your application needs  

3-Way Normally Open Control valves are primarily used to operate single-acting actuators such as spring-return cylinders.  They feature three passages within a valve body, which are used to pressurize and exhaust a port. 


- Plated for corrosion resistance
- Variety of porting options for plumbing convenience:3 Way Valves

  • 10-32 (F)
  • 1/8 NPT
  • 1/8 NPT (F)
  • 1/16 & .170 Tube Id Barb
  • 1/4 & 5/32 Push-in 
- Several actuator styles
- Durable construction
- Threaded or non-threaded exhaust ports

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