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During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of mustaches on thousands of men’s faces, in Canada and around the world. With their “Mo’s”, these men raise vital funds and awareness for men's health, specifically prostate cancer. We are proud to advise that our very own Mo Skeaners team is once again on board with their support of this valuable cause and has already raised over $1200!  Keep up the growing boys!  If you want to donate to the Mo Skeaners team, please click on the following link to donate directly on our team page.  Mo Skeaners Team Donation page

UPDATE: 12/5/11 Our Mo Skeaners raised over $2800 for this important cause, awesome!! HUGE thanks to all who donated to our team :)

Remembrance Day Closure

A reminder to our customers and suppliers that all of our offices will be closed Friday November 11th in observance of Remembrance Day. We will reopen for normal business hours on Monday November 14th. Thank you. 

October Pneusletter

 Issue 09                                                                                                                    October 2011

Greetings from SKEANS

SKEANS is excited to showcase its newly formatted bi-monthly 'Pneusletter'. Every two months our subscribers will receive industry news, supplier product updates, helpful ideas, application tips, along with everything you need to know about how SKEANS is working to help you.


SKEANS is pleased to announce it will be carrying the Ross Safety Valve, to add to it's selection of automation safety products.

• Fluid Power Safety: Ross Safety Valves

• SKEANS Automation Safety Products

• SKEANS welcomes two new members

     In the past few years there has been rapid growth in the fluid power safety products sector.

     Fluid Power Safety is an important puzzle piece in the overall safety of any application and any environment. Even with "step one" security measures such as light curtains, area scanners,  safety PLC's, there is always the possibility of a valve malfunctioning.  These accidents can result in serious workplace injuries or even death.


     Skeans is here to help your "step two" workplace safety efforts with CAT 4 Ross Safety products.  By performing risk assessments Skeans can confidently offer you fluid power safety solutions that integrate with your current category standards.

      These solutions include Lockout Valves, Stainless Steel Lockout Valves, Air Dump/Release Valves, 4-way Double Valves, CAT 3+ and 4 Safety Clamping Devices, and control reliable Hydraulic Double Valves.  All Ross safety products are third party certified and self-monitoring. Not only do these products offer a safer environment but their lockout and stopping times are half that of other valves, meaning increased plant productivity for the user.

     If you don't have adequate safety products in your facility or need to expand your existing "step one" measures, don't forget Skeans has a full range of light curtains, area scanners, PLC's and machine guarding that can facilitate improvements of your total workplace safety procedures.

     To see the full line of Ross Safety Valves and fluid power safety solutions please visit Skeans website today or ask us for a Ross Safety 510 bulletin.


Earlier this month Skeans made it's annual appearance at the BC Hydro 2011 Power Smart forum trade show at the Vancouver Convention Center.

Skeans showcased it's energy saving products including its compressor room solutions such as leak-free Transair Piping, Mattei Rotary Vane Compressors and Gardner Denver's Variable Speed Compressors.  The forum had a record breaking 1,200 delegates and 125 speakers form across North America and we were excited to showcase our 'greener' side.


Historically October has nearly always been a people 'growth' month at Skeans and this year has been no exception.

Adam Chandler joins our CRP Service team. Adam comes to us with a mechanical background and we are looking forward to his expertise and abilities to help us manage our ever growing compressor and dryer service clientele.

Also, Chad Skeans re-joins us after completing his education at UVIC. Chad will spend the next couple of months working his way through various Corporate Headquarter departments, before finding his permanent new posting in our Prince George division.

If you would like to receive a Safety Audit please contact UBSafe Inc. @ 604.205.9080 or email them at today!


Skeans also provides automation safety products from Leuze, Horner, and Frame World

     Skeans has always believed that a safe workplace environment is crucial to the operation of any successful company, and prides itself in offering some of the latest technologies in Automation Safety Products.

     In the electrical automation division Skeans offers Leuze, a company specializing in Sensors, Light Curtains, Area Scanners, and Control Relays.  Leuze is known for its reliability and efficiency, and produces products that have the highest durability rating in the industry under the toughest conditions.  Leuze has just released two new safety products; the MSI100 safety Controller and the MC3x Magnetically Coded Sensor.  The MSI100 offers a quick, easy and affordable control for light curtains, safety interlocks, and E-Stop buttons without the complexity of using a PLC.  The MC3x Magnetically Coded Sensor contains specially combined reed contacts that are activated without contact by the coded magnetic field of the actuator. 


      Also in the safety group is the Horner Safety Programmable Controls.  The Horner OCS is a compact all-in-one solutions with controller, graphics and a built in interface with mass storage for industrial applications        

For machine guarding Skeans offers the Frame World Structural Aluminum Extrusions and Guards that provide a complete system allowing for quick and easy design and assembly of  machine bases, frames, stands, guard assemblies, material handling fixtures, and robot safety fencing.

If you would like to view all of the Skeans automation safety products, or if you would like to know more about workplace safety, please visit the Skeans website @ or call your local Skeans branch today.


   Coquitlam: 604.777.4247 | Prince George: 250.564.2201 | Kamloops: 250.828.2344
Edmonton: 780.463.8400 | Calgary: 403.279.6644 | Winnipeg: 204.633.9699


Part number change on selected Eaton Hansen Couplings

As a part of the ongoing integration of the HansenTM and GromelleTM product lines with the Eaton business in terms of both information systems as well as product offerings, a select number of conflicting part numbers have been uncovered .  To resolve these part number conflicts a select number of traditional Hansen and Gromelle part numbers have been changed.  This change is effective immediately.  Please note that the conflicting non-coupling Eaton part numbers have not change.   There is no changes to fit, form, and function on any of the parts.

In order to differentiate the outlined part numbers and to provide uninterrupted support, the letter “E” has been added as a suffix to some Eaton Hansen couplings.  For example, Eaton Hansen part number “12” will now become “12E”. 

When ordering these products from Skeans, you will notice the use of the letter "E" on a select number of items, please update your records to reflect this change to ensure there is no confusion with your warehousing or usage records.

Two new Skeaners today

Historically October has nearly always been a people 'growth' month at Skeans and this year we are getting our October growth off to a dual start.  Today Adam Chandler joins our CRP Service team.  Adam comes to us with a mechanical background and we are looking forward to his experience and abilities to help us manage our ever growing compressor and dryer service clientele.  Also today Chad Skeans re-joins us after completing his education at UVIC.  Chad will spend the next couple months working his way back through our various Corporate Headquarter departments before finding his permanent new posting in our Prince George division.

Welcome 'home' Chad and welcome aboard Adam!

Skeans Safety Meeting

Safety is in the forefront of many business's focus these days, and with that in mind Skeans Coquitlam manufacturing facility recently expanded it's safety committee and has established a Fire Safety program.  This past Friday we conducted our first full fledged fire drill where the Coquitlam Fire Department attended.  After our fire-drill we held an onsite Fire Extinguisher training session which nearly all employees took part in. Fire Safety officer "Kim" taught us about the four most common types of fires we would find both at work and in our homes. We learned about the most common types of extinguishers and which is the best to have on hand.  All participants had the opportunity to unlock and discharge a fire extinguisher over a 'learning fire'.

Safety conscience company's are doing everything these days to protect the health and welfare of their business and their staff. Thank you to the Coquitlam Fire Department and to the Safety Committee for arranging this valuable training.

2011 Grand Fondo

Congratulations to Tim Skeans for his participation in the 2011 RBC Vancouver to Whistler Grand Fondo. 7,000 riders take to the highway, riding from downtown Vancouver to Whistler mountain. This 140km ride with elevation gains of 2,400 meters is a real challenge for mind and body. This is the 2nd year of the event and Tim's 2nd time completing this challenge.

Application Tip: Reducing Bounce

Working in Applications Engineering we receive a lot of “what if?” or “what about?” style questions. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at 3-position rotary actuators. Customers, as well as PHD, like utilizing these units for their versatility in automation applications.

The one problem with a 3-position unit is the bounce at mid-position with loads at the upper end of the kinetic energy range on specified units. This bounce comes from the compressibility of air. Normally this isn’t a problem in many applications, but there are customers that do not like the visual perception while units settle to the mid-position. Here are a couple of suggestions that can provide a solution.

The first is to have a single valve on each full rotation position and one on the mid-position. When moving to the mid-position, energize all three valves. This method limits the bounce considerably.

Another option would be to incorporate a spring loaded shot pin at the mid-position, using cylinder with external support to extend before rotating to the mid-position.

PHD also offers 3-position air/oil tandem rotary actuators. Customers still have the flexibility of using pneumatics to drive the unit and the control of hydraulic fluid. With fluid not being compressible, this reduces the mid-position bounce considerably.

We hope this helps for the next time you are asked about using a 3-position rotary on future applications.

Courtesy of Malachi Huber, PHD Inc.

SKEANS New Image

SKEANS is proud to present its new and improved company website and logo! For years SKEANS has always been a recognizable brand, with our clients always identifying with our famous green “S”. When customers saw this they knew they were getting quality customer service, unmatched expertise, and products they could rely on.

So why change something that isn’t broken?

In today’s day and age, moving forward and keeping ahead of that competitive edge means adapting to a constantly changing environment, and looking good while doing it. Customers have become more demanding, and expect quality service to be at their fingertips… literally. Creating and maintaining an online presence has become so important that companies who have failed to realize this too late, are no longer around.

SKEANS knows the importance of providing our services and products in the most convenient and efficient way possible, and for the past few months SKEANS has been developing our new company website along with an online marketing campaign.  As Western Canada’s leader in pneumatic and electrical automation, we want everybody to know about us!

Our new website has been organized and set up so that the customer should be able to find the specific product they are looking for in 3 clicks. We’ve added improved SEO tactics to drive the most qualified traffic to the new website, and added new resources to help companies learn more about the unique services we offer and how they can save customer’s money.

To top it all off, SKEANS gave a modern ‘facelift’ to the company logo. SKEANS realized that changing the iconic “S” would never work, and decided it was best to utilize a strong brand reputation. The new font adds a sleek and forward moving look, which signifies SKEANS commitment to moving forward with all its customers and their projects. We dropped the tagline to indicate that SKEANS is one unified organization, one giant family, regardless of its numerous locations and divisions. Gradient coloring was added to the SKEANS “S” to create depth and give it that eye-catching look. A modern look tied in with the proven SKEANS brand that represents 40+ years of consistency, quality, customer service, and expertise.

In the ‘Resources’ tab you can find all of SKEANS new marketing collateral that has been re-designed to meet our customers needs and to match our new image.

We hope you enjoy using the new website, and look forward to hearing from you soon!