Compressor Room Service Alert

Skeans Pneumatic & Automation Inc. (SKEANS) is open and available during the “stay at home” order and until we all get through this worldwide pandemic. As a sales and service provider for equipment operating in “Essential Industries,” we are committed to maintain available technicians and repair centers.

We are also working diligently with all our suppliers to ensure we have parts readily available to effectively service our customers. As events unfold, be assured we are staying on top of our supply chain and deliveries. Our service department remains active to perform planned or emergency services either on-site or from our re-build shop in Coquitlam, BC.

SKEANS would ask that you review our “on the job site” policy for COVID-19. Please help us ensure the health and safety of our employees and yours.

Confirmation of Service – Please re-confirm the service appointment within 24 hours by telephone, this will ensure unnecessary travel if any circumstances have changed.

Social/Physical distancing is being strictly practiced at SKEANS, we will require a minimum of 2 meters space between our technicians and your personnel. Our technicians should have a clean and clear path from their service vehicle to the compressor room or area requiring maintenance. Our technicians may utilize our Job Hazard Assessment (JHA) to determine hazards. Please review together, as necessary.

Handwashing/Sanitization – All our technicians when coming to site will be using sanitized tools and components. We have informed our technicians to sanitize their hands and to be wearing gloves before entering the building. Our technicians have been advised to follow these steps anytime they need to remove their gloves for any reason. Before leaving site, our technicians will clean the compressor room and leave in great condition. Before getting back into our service vehicles, each technician will wash and sanitize their hands before leaving site. Washing their face, if necessary. Masks will be used when the technician feels there is risk of contamination.

Work Orders/Signatures – Our technicians have been advised not to get signatures on their work orders or accept any physical order confirmations. Purchase orders should be provided before the arranged service call. SKEANS will send over electronic copies of the work order, reports and final invoice for payment.

Refusal of work – SKEANS and our service department reserve the right to refuse any work or obligation if we feel the health and safety of our employees is at risk. Our intent is to perform our services in a professional, contact-free way, all while maintaining your compressed air systems reliability and the health of your employees.

On behalf of SKEANS, thank you for your continued support providing essential services and products to the people most in need.

Shane Simard Compressor Room Group, Manager

SKEANS response to COVID-19

SKEANS, its employees, and management team are continuing to monitor and develop contingency plans for responding to COVID-19 and the effects it has on business continuity and our customers. SKEANS continues to engage its key vendors to try and get out in front of any delays, shortages, or other supply chain issues.

Our team is working to support customers in any way we can, though things are rapidly changing and the impact is not fully understood. If you have specific concerns or questions about a product, please contact your local SKEANS customer service branch.

SKEANS is committed to the health and safety of its employees and continues to monitor the information being distributed by the World Health Organization, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and local governments. SKEANS is attempting to conduct normal business operation, while cleaning and sanitizing regularly, enabling personnel to work remotely from home where possible and limiting the number of personnel in our offices, cancelling all business travel, and asking all sick or symptomatic employees to stay at home.

Please know SKEANS will do its very best to communicate any changes and will aim to diminish their impact to its customers.

Lastly, all of us at SKEANS want to thank you for your continued business, especially during this challenging time! Should you have any further questions, please contact us at your convenience.

Warm regards, Tim Skeans General Manager and President