UR Machine tending online Expo Feb 23-24

The registration page for The Cobot Expo Series | Machine Tending is open, click this link to register today!  The event is less than a week away.

Key Facts about The Cobot Expo Series | Machine Tending:

  • Free cost to attend
  • Two days February 23-24
  • 15 informative keynotes
  • Free personalized consultations
  • 10 industry leading partners
  • 14 booths & system demos

Universal Robots THE COBOT EXPO 2.0


There's just one day left to The Cobot Expo 2.0! We're demonstrating automation solutions to common manufacturing problems in every industry today 10AM - 5PM EST. Register here to access:

  • Live chats with automation professionals
  • Insightful keynotes from industry leaders
  • System demonstrations
  • New products from UR+ and CSI partners
  • all at no cost!

Check out the list of live product demos and keynote presentations below. See you at the Expo!

Live Demos Today, November 17th (EST)
Tessella Automation Inc; Hall 1
  • 9:00AM
Launch your Automated Micro Factory in Minutes
Atlas Copco; Hall 1
  • 11:00AM
  • 3:00PM
Improving Efficiency & Reducing Costs with MicroTorque
LMI Technologies; Hall 2
  • 1:00-2:00PM
Integrating Gocator Smart 3D Line Profilers with UR Cobots
Cross Company; Hall 2
  • All Day
Cross Palletron 3000
Onexia; Hall 2
  • All Day
PalletizUR in Production
Vectis Automation; Hall 1
  • 11:00-11:30AM
  • 3:00-3:30PM
Live Welding Demo
3D InfoTech; Hall 1
  • 4:00PM
    Machine Vision with UR
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Keynotes Today, November 17th (EST)
10:15AM (all are in Auditorium)
The Justification Worksheet: Calculating the Bottom Line of Automation
- Joe Campbell
New Measures of ROI: OEE and OLE
- Rob Hernandez
Controllers & Cables: New Products for OEM Applications
- Edward Chan
ActiNav Bin Picking: What Parts Do YOU Have in Bins?
- Silas Neale
Cobot Integration with Legacy Equipment
- Michael Phillips
Cobot Channels: Working with Distributors and Integrators
- Stu Shepherd
UR EDU: Accelerating Tomorrow's Engineers
- Corey Adams
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SKEANS appointed Hoffman Lamson ASC

SKEANS Covid 19 Safety update

As the COVID-19 pandemic is an evolving situation, this document and the guidance within are subject to change and will be updated as appropriate.

SKEANS will continue to operate in this “new normal” environment with a COVID-19 Safety Plan to ensure that the risk of transmission of COVID-19 at our workplaces is minimized.

To reduce the risk of the virus spreading through droplets in the air, we have implemented protocols to protect against identified risks. Different protocols offer different levels of protection. Whenever possible, we use the protocol that offers the highest level of protection. Protocols that offer the highest level of protection:

1. Distancing Measures:

Social / Physical Distancing: Employees, customers, suppliers and visitors must stay at least 2 meters away from each other. Where maintaining physical distancing is not possible, we have installed barriers such as workstation dividers to separate people or consider the use of non-medical masks.

We have monitored the number of people in the workplace to ensure physical distancing is maintained. We have implemented work from home arrangements, virtual meetings and limiting the number of visitors in the workplace.

Applicable Operational safety procedures:
• Designated entry/exit doors, keeping closed/locked other access doors
• Posted signage communicating that employees, contractors, or visitors exhibiting COVID-like symptoms are not allowed to enter the office building, but to contact SKEANS by phone or email.
• Posted signage communicating proper hand washing protocols, and shared room occupancy limits
• Hand sanitizer is available upon entry to the buildings, employees to use upon entering and exiting building daily.
• Avoid meetings or gatherings where physical distances cannot be maintained. Consider using larger meeting rooms, warehouse space or moving meetings outside, or having attendees attend virtually.
• Offices and workstations are located two meters apart and separated with workstation dividers.
• Minimizing the number of people using shared office equipment, tools or other items (photocopiers, coffee machines, microwave ovens, etc.). If workers must share equipment/tools, they are to be cleaned after each use.
• We have established occupancy limits for common areas such as lunchrooms, meeting rooms, change rooms, fitness room and shared washrooms. Staggered lunch times have been implemented to reduce occupancy in lunchrooms.
• Non-essential transportation or business travel will be limited and by customer request only.

Outside visitors:
• At this time, no supplier visits will be permitted until further notice, particularly by visitors from outside the province of branch operation, or from the USA.
• If required, visits to the workplace should be pre-arranged, staggered, and safety protocols should be communicated before entry into the workplace (e.g., email and/or signage posted to entrance).
• When booking appointments, visitors should be reminded to reschedule if they experience symptoms typical of COVID-19 or are placed on self-isolation.
• Employee attendance and workplace visitor logs will be maintained.
• Delivery zones are clearly identified and limited to receivers and deliverers only.
• Contactless delivery to maintain physical distancing requirement

2. Cleaning and Hygiene Practices:

Handwashing: Everyone to practice proper handwashing regularly: at a minimum, upon arrival to work/on-site, immediately before and after any breaks, and just before leaving work site.
Avoid shaking hands with people. Consider air high fives at a distance! Avoid touching your face and cover your coughs and sneezes with your elbow or tissue.

Sanitization: We expect all employees to wipe down their own workstation equipment and workspace at least once daily at the day’s start using disinfectant wipes or equivalent. In addition, each branch designates employees for schedule of cleaning twice daily (start/end of day) the shared doorknobs, railings, light switches, handles, faucets, countertops, desks, tables, phones, keyboards, printer/copier touch screens, and shared office equipment using
disinfectant wipes or equivalent. Enhanced weekly deep cleaning of all spaces and surfaces.

3. Self-Monitoring for Symptoms:

Employees, customers, suppliers and visitors that are feeling unwell or have signs of sickness including fever, chills, new or worsening cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, new muscle aches or headache are required to stay home, and are prohibited from the workplace. Seek medical advice if symptoms worsen and follow the advice of your medical professional. SKEANS employees have paid sick days.

The following employees, customers, suppliers and visitors are prohibited from the workplace:
• Anyone who has had symptoms of COVID-10 in the last 10 days
• Anyone directed by Public Health to self-isolate, and
• Anyone who has arrived from outside of Canada or who has had contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case must self-isolate for 14 days and monitor for symptoms.

Employees, customers, suppliers or visitors that start to feel ill at the workplace, should wash or sanitize their hands, put on a mask and self-isolate by going straight home and consulting with their medical professional. Use of the COVID-19 Self Assessment tool, or call 8-1-1 for further guidance related to testing and self-isolation. If the person is severely ill (ex. difficulty breathing, chest pain), call 9-1-1. Cleaning and disinfecting any surfaces that the ill person has come in contact with.

Be Prepared to Work from Home. All employees issued with corporate laptops that can work remotely from home and perform their regular duties, may be asked to work from home on an as-required basis, with manager approval. In the event an employee cannot return to work for 14 days, and are fit to work, communication with their manager will confirm whether they are eligible to work remotely from home.

4. Monitor Workplace and update plans as necessary:

Things may change as our business operates. If a new area of concern is identified, or it seems like something isn’t working, we will take steps to update our policies and procedures, involving employees in this process.

Employees to communicate health and safety concerns to their Manager and HR.

Happy 52nd Anniversary to SKEANS

Happy 52nd Anniversary to SKEANS Pneumatic & Automation Inc incorporated April 28, 1968.

From our humble beginnings with a single location in downtown Vancouver SKEANS has always been family owned and operated. We bring our customers the SKEANS legacy of consistency, trust, innovation, local inventory, quality service and unparalleled expertise.

Huge thank you to all our team, customers and supply partners whom all contribute to SKEANS goals of providing integrated automation and compressed air systems to industry across Western Canada. 

THANK YOU for 52 years of success from the 3rd generation leadership team!

Compressor Room Service Alert

Skeans Pneumatic & Automation Inc. (SKEANS) is open and available during the “stay at home” order and until we all get through this worldwide pandemic. As a sales and service provider for equipment operating in “Essential Industries,” we are committed to maintain available technicians and repair centers.

We are also working diligently with all our suppliers to ensure we have parts readily available to effectively service our customers. As events unfold, be assured we are staying on top of our supply chain and deliveries. Our service department remains active to perform planned or emergency services either on-site or from our re-build shop in Coquitlam, BC.

SKEANS would ask that you review our “on the job site” policy for COVID-19. Please help us ensure the health and safety of our employees and yours.

Confirmation of Service – Please re-confirm the service appointment within 24 hours by telephone, this will ensure unnecessary travel if any circumstances have changed.

Social/Physical distancing is being strictly practiced at SKEANS, we will require a minimum of 2 meters space between our technicians and your personnel. Our technicians should have a clean and clear path from their service vehicle to the compressor room or area requiring maintenance. Our technicians may utilize our Job Hazard Assessment (JHA) to determine hazards. Please review together, as necessary.

Handwashing/Sanitization – All our technicians when coming to site will be using sanitized tools and components. We have informed our technicians to sanitize their hands and to be wearing gloves before entering the building. Our technicians have been advised to follow these steps anytime they need to remove their gloves for any reason. Before leaving site, our technicians will clean the compressor room and leave in great condition. Before getting back into our service vehicles, each technician will wash and sanitize their hands before leaving site. Washing their face, if necessary. Masks will be used when the technician feels there is risk of contamination.

Work Orders/Signatures – Our technicians have been advised not to get signatures on their work orders or accept any physical order confirmations. Purchase orders should be provided before the arranged service call. SKEANS will send over electronic copies of the work order, reports and final invoice for payment.

Refusal of work – SKEANS and our service department reserve the right to refuse any work or obligation if we feel the health and safety of our employees is at risk. Our intent is to perform our services in a professional, contact-free way, all while maintaining your compressed air systems reliability and the health of your employees.

On behalf of SKEANS, thank you for your continued support providing essential services and products to the people most in need.

Shane Simard Compressor Room Group, Manager

SKEANS response to COVID-19

SKEANS, its employees, and management team are continuing to monitor and develop contingency plans for responding to COVID-19 and the effects it has on business continuity and our customers. SKEANS continues to engage its key vendors to try and get out in front of any delays, shortages, or other supply chain issues.

Our team is working to support customers in any way we can, though things are rapidly changing and the impact is not fully understood. If you have specific concerns or questions about a product, please contact your local SKEANS customer service branch.

SKEANS is committed to the health and safety of its employees and continues to monitor the information being distributed by the World Health Organization, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and local governments. SKEANS is attempting to conduct normal business operation, while cleaning and sanitizing regularly, enabling personnel to work remotely from home where possible and limiting the number of personnel in our offices, cancelling all business travel, and asking all sick or symptomatic employees to stay at home.

Please know SKEANS will do its very best to communicate any changes and will aim to diminish their impact to its customers.

Lastly, all of us at SKEANS want to thank you for your continued business, especially during this challenging time! Should you have any further questions, please contact us at your convenience.

Warm regards, Tim Skeans General Manager and President

SKEANS embarking on new CRM/ERP Systems in 2020

SKEANS Pneumatic & Automation Inc. is pleased to announce that we are embarking on implementing new CRM & ERP Systems in 2020. We considered numerous modern systems available to business in today's technology world; ultimately choosing to partner with SAP B1, a world leading solution in the small to medium business arena.

We have also chosen SAP B1 Gold Partner Projectline to be our integration partner. We are exciting by SAP B1, though it was the team at Projectline that made this decision easy.

Our current systems were implemented more than 25 years ago, proving we chose the right solution then; we believe we have again chosen the right solution for our next 25 yrs. Implementations don't come without challenges, but our team is prepared to work through the hiccups while always ensuring we limit customer disruption.

Exciting times for team SKEANS, we look forward to working with these world class providers for our future success.

Matt White promoted to EAP Product Manager

Matt White has been part of the SKEANS team in Coquitlam for several years, his excellence in the field of Application Specialization focusing on electronic and robotic products has precipitated our decision to appoint Matt EAP Product Manager for SKEANS. Matt provides technical support to our outside field sales team, along with working with our customers to chose and install the best solutions for their applications. Matt will also be getting married in a few short weeks; so CONGRATULATIONS to Matt in his new role and for his new bride, from the whole team @ SKEANS.

Welcome to the team John Trim

We are pleased to announce the recent hiring of John Trim, who joined our SKEANS team in Coquitlam, in the position of CRS Sales Representative, covering BC Sales territory. John brings with him extensive experience in Fluid Power industry specializing in Blowers, Vacuum Products, & Compressor Equipment Sales. We look forward to bringing John's knowledge and experience to our customers as we continue our noble selling purpose; providing solutions that optimize our customers performance.